Wearing a Poppy in the Australian forces.

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Ozduke, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. Now, I was as sixes and sevens about which forum to post this on, so balls if you think it’s in the wrong place.

    I am outraged.

    I have spent part of today investigating why we in the Australian military do not wear poppies on Remembrance Day.

    I have “Googled” and RSM’d the subject and there does not appear to be any definitive answer. It seems as though Anzac Day historically has become the official day of remembrance. Whilst poppy wreaths are laid at memorials etc, it is Rosemary that is worn on Anzac Day. Not only is Rosemary traditionally associated with remembrance (poppies, I believe for sacrifice) it also grows in abundance on the fields of Gallipoli.

    Perhaps, this is just another attempt to move away from the Commonwealth traditions and establish a semblance of independence. However, I am deeply disturbed by the lack of recognition Remembrance Day is given in the Australia forces. “Poppies are a Kiwi thing” was the answer I was given – and not by Google.

    There are occasional marches and a two minute silence, if the appropriate personnel are in the correct position of influence, and I have heard of TV stations getting it in the neck for not enforcing news readers etc to wear a poppy in late Oct and early Nov. Wearing a poppy behind my capbadge is something I have not done for a while, but I, for one shall be wearing a poppy with my uniform from Monday.

    I shall watch, with interest to see who does likewise on the 11th.

    Lest we forget.
  2. im on the same outrage bus, when i got to aus i asked if rememberence day is recognised, no one seemed to know what i was on about, and that they only do ANZAC day.

    Would you or any other arrsers down under know where i can get a poppy from??
  3. Any RSL should sell them. I'm off to one in Brisbane this afternoon to fiond out.
  4. Let me know if they have them and i will pop to the sydney branch to make a donation.

    I have a reserve plan in hand though, i have asked my mate to send me a poppy over from blighty.
  5. Erm, why should they celebrate Remembrance Day, its only a UK one isnt it? They celebrate Anzac Day - we dont!
  6. Speak only when spoken to.
  7. Any RSL should have them. In Sydney if you go to the funeral of a returned man RSL reps will usually be on hand (if asked) to do the last post and recite the ode. They will also hand out poppies.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I have just asked an Aussie Colonel about this - as he, and all the other Diggers here, are now wearing poppies - exactly the same as UK ones (unlike the Canadians, who are wearing rather nice 'satin' effect ones). They weren't weraing them yesterday.

    He says the AUS forces wear poppies, exactly the same as in the UK, but that they don't usually start wearing - or selling them - until a few days before Remembrance Day.

    So, there you have it, they DO wear poppies, same as us, just they aren't quite so keen to wear them for two weeks prior. Perhaps they don't need to give the public such a broad hint as the UK?

    Any further questions, there are plenty of all sorts of Commonwealth Forces here I can ask :)
  9. Interesting.

    The Aussie poppy is different to the UK (flat) one.

    Maybe he's doing the right thing - I take it you/he is in the UK?

    Good on him I reckon, but the wearing of poppies is simply not covered in the dress/protocol manual. Perhaps, as I say, it's been left to individual commanders and up to the individual's perception of correct respect.
  10. Outrage noted.

    Immediate steps will be taken to remedy situation.

    In new legislation before the Australian parliament, school children, currently compelled to observe a minutes silence on at 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month will now also have a mandatory tattoo of a poppy inked on to their right arm.

    In view of the magnitude of offence taken by a small minority of Australian immigrants, further measures must urgently be taken to make amends. As of 1 January 2009, beer may no longer be served in refrigerated form whatsoever.

    If any further outrage is detected from this minority group then it is obvious further measures must be taken to appease them. No official word has been heard from ‘The Lodge’ on what these steps might be, but it is believed that Orthodontists all over Australia are extremely nervous and are urgently forming a lobby group.


  11. Off topic, the Spams were wearing them in Chicago last year

    'Silky-look-at-me' jobs, but respectful all the same
  12. You should be able to donate for poppies at any UK diplomatic mission - I've always been able to get one from a High Commission, Embassy or Consulate when I've been out of the country.
  13. Wearing a Poppy isn't the act of remembrance, pausing and observing two minutes silence is. Different countries, different traditions, different methods.

    Iraq 2003, the Spams didn't have a clue about poppies either.
    HQ ISAF 2007 They were better informed. Aussies & Kiwis were wearing poppies too (Obtained from the Canuck NSE).

    Everyone paid their respects !
  14. mm Ive got mine, but I would like one of those rather fetching metal ones... any ides where I could get one? Ta
  15. Those convict frontiersman are part of the Comonwealth and shall do as we do.