Wearing a Poppy could get you arrested

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. It's bollocks. Wearing a poppy does not consitute a protest.
  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Oh dear, I live in that area. Does that mean I can't moan anymore....about anything? 8O
  3. Looking at the bottom of the letter it says it all :x

    Fine Print

    Forms via Mark Thomas. This website is not affiliated with The Royal British Legion. I****.

    © Tim Ireland 2007

    Obviously nothing better to do, the fcuking tube :x
  4. It's also illegal to be drunk in a pub...
  5. This gets my "b*ll*cks of the night" award!
  6. Again, "B*ll*cks"!
  7. Got to be b*ll*cks. I'll find out tomorrow though, as I'm up that way. Might try and get drunk in a pub wearing a poppy, then I've got no chance.
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  9. In that case the two armed coppers standing outside MOD Main Building today should have arrested the two cuties in the RAF uniforms selling poppies to people entering the building.

    NO, wearing a poppy does not constitute a protest within the GSZ. Wearing a red nose in the GSZ does not constitute a protest. If you were then to stand there and shout nasty things about Broon and co, you would. If you ride 2500 motorbikes into westminster and park up (As I did two weeks ago) you are classed as protesting. But we had permission.

    The author of the blog and Mark Thomas need to get a grip on reality and stop trying to score cheap points. Why don't they tackle some of the more draconian laws that have been pushed out of parliament. You do have the right to protest, as long as you give the police fair warning.

  10. Hmmmm...Frightingly enough, reading it suggests that is an issue. If I get this right the Police HAD to admit that wearing a Red Nose in the area defined by the Law would constitute an unauthorised demonstration.

    Have a look here http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/comedy/markthomas.shtml There is an instance that bears thinking about, namely the person threatened with arrest for having a picnic with a cake with the word peace iced on it. Mark Thomas makes it clear that he was informed by the Police that wearing a red nose without permission could get him arrested

    Now, the Red Nose is very clearly the emblem of a particular Charity appeal, conducted once a year, on National TV. No one could argue with that.

    Therefore, the logic being suggested, is that a particular emblem for a particular charity, if displayed in the area defined around Parliament breaks the law.

    That's clever that, write a law so badly that the symbol of a charity breaks the law in question!
  11. Sorry, I have to take issue with that. Red noses have been the symbol of a clown long before Comic relief started in the 80s. It could just be a childrens entertainer walking across Horseguards. Surely you are only demonstrating if your intention is to protest for or against something. The wearing of a poppy shows that you are remembering the heroic people who have laid down their lives for this country. The donation go towards helping those service personnel and families who have nowhere else to turn. I do not wear a poppy because I am supporting the RBL's political lobbying (not that I don't support it), I wear it to remember. Anyone who says that I am being political is IMHO being extremely stupid and arrogant for thinking I am making a political statement.

    As I said, people just trying to score cheap points. SOCAP was brought into place to stop scenes like those when the countryside alliance had a running battle with the police in Parliament Square.

  12. According to the Police, Yes it Does!

    But are they scoring cheap points? The cheap points wouldn't exist if the law hadn't a) Been passed and b) hidden in a bill aimed at Organised Crime, which is why the act is called The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005

    What relevance does banning protest outside Parlaiment got to do with Drug Trafficking, People Trafficking, Money laundering, illegal weapons, and Protection rackets? The opening part of SOCPA deals with creation of the Serious Organised Crime Agency and it's powers, duties and responsibilities.

    So, I ask you again, what relevance does creating an exclusion zone around Parliament in which normal British law is reversed has with Organised Crime? Usual British law is that you can do whatever you want, unless expressly banned by law. In this zone, you can only do what you're allowed to.

  13. Well, check with the Police at Charing Cross Station, if they're already advised someone that wearing a Red Nose in the zone is regarded by them as a demonstration then they will act acorrding to the law when you do so. Have fun.
  14. Mr. Thomas is well known for using illogical tautologies to further his own observations from the fringe; couched in satirical humour but always attempting to drive home a bone of contention.

    I'd suggest that his use of the poppy is again another simple provocation to shock and a deliberate attempt at bad taste, and it bears no relevance at all to any underlying issue.

    He should seek to pay fair recompense to both charities for abusing their symbols if he seeks morality in any sense.