Wearing a Para T-shirt

Discussion in 'Officers' started by usa1981, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. IS an Army Officer that is not trained as a Para wear a Para T-shirt? This person was on vacation. Is this aginst any rules in the Army.
    The person was on short holiday or may be the person was just on leave.
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  6. When a first poster pings you as a mong it's a bad day.

    Errr no wait, yes it is a breach of Army rules.

    Tell him that the police will be around to arrest him, there will be an MOD 90 out for his capture.
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  8. Oh - a MOD90 eh ??? Kind of like a Joe 90, but in C95's ;D
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  10. Don't runin it, love to think that somewhere in the world someone is going up to either a) a serving member or b) a walt saying "You've got a ID card after you"

    But if it is the latter they might not know what a MOD 90 is and there for brick themselves thinking it is a 1 way pass to mil jail or the such like
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  12. Yes it is. It quite clearly states in Queens Regs the following:

    'Any serving officer who wears Para T-shirts whilst on vacation and isn't Para trained is breaking the rules and should have his bottom smacked'. :)
  13. Or delivered to 3 Para mortars for appropriate puishment :D
  14. You know it makes sense! 8)