wear your uniform to work day

Probably not round our way. Having said that, they wouldn't know a military uniform from their chavvy tracksuit.


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Is anyone partaking in this?
Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen might
I used to wear uniform to work all the time it was in the rules.
I most certainly am! I'm trying to trap some Doris from accounts, I'm going to squeeze my disgusting girth into some MTP trousers, lashing strap a Telic 10 t shirt in tight then let my 2 year old put my beret on for me, can't fail.
Don't forget the 1000yd stare, mutter "I don't like to talk about about it.", and then spend 2 hours in the smoking area trying to cop a feel.
this has got to be one of the stupidest ideas going, why would you? you are only in the military on a weekend and a tuesday night. keep TA service and work seperate...simples


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ooh, i am getting a strange sense of deja vu - you regs said exactly the same thing last year, and the year before.
Simples...do you honestly take your speech patterns from a car insurance advert?
Or can we staple them to death with a beater? Anyway, most companies declare their support of reservists & TA whilst stating in most contracts that they will oppose through the courts any legal activation.

Edited to add: So what's the point?
Toss idea. The scruffy zeppelin of a capt with spray-on 95s and stubble I saw last year was hardly an advert for anything. I had to suppress several urges to give him a corridor debriefing.


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