Wear your old band Tshirt day !

According to BBC 6 music today is national wear your old band T shirt day. What are you/ or would you be wearing ?
Well **** me sideways with a spanner!
I have inadvertantly put a band t-shirt on today.
As it's bloody freezing in work and no-one will see it, so I stuck an old Metallica t-shirt on.

I must be cyclic.
Currently wearing a Pink Floyd T shirt (but didn't know anything about the day!)
I'm wearing an old Placebo Tshirt, all I could find, perhaps the thread should be what T shirt do you wish you hadn't thrown away.
Dropkick Murphys & Saw Doctors ones sitting in my bag right now.
A very tired set of Cbt95 in a faded greenish hue.
Unit4 + 2
The Searchers
Freddy & The Dreamers
Procol Harem
Shane Fenton & The Mindbenders
Jonny Kid & The Pirates
The Sputniks

Couldn't make my mind up so **** it.
Stiff Little Fingers - Punk is Dead But We're Still Dying

It seems a bit tight now so obviously must have shrunk in the wash.
Rory Gallagher

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