Wear The Badge

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Exemplo_DucemusII, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. Wear the badge and wear it proud and wear it true,
    Serve your uniform, serve your army, serve the corps; most of all, serve your badge and your fellow soldiers

    Wear your badge and wear it proud and wear it true - for you are soldiers of the most elite army in the world whose pride, honour and integrity deserves everything it has & more.
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Thanks for that - I think you are preaching to the converted. Oh and I'm not sure I like the 'serve the government' bit. I would not piss on that bunch of slime bags if they were on fire.
  3. I dont know, i would pleased to curl one down on Mr B's desk. w@nker
  4. Okay, I'll edit that bit haha
  5. Check your PMs, Nath.
  6. But My Lord, who might Nath be?
  7. Welcome back Yannie. Don't let the door smack your arse on the way out.
  8. Exemplo_DucemusII

    is an anagram of "student c unt who needs filleting with a chainsaw dipped in poo and wasps"


    Welcome back yannie....

    now bore off.
  9. Haha, okay, this is a tad worrying; first I'm called Nathan, then Yanni - negative guys; I am just a poor Zimbo lad whose just about to join the forces.

    Unless I was reincarnated or something but I've been around a long/ish time
  10. Exemplo-DucemusII, strange title and if you are just about to join and if your other comment in another thread is true, are you joining the RMP as an Officer?

    Truely the biggest mistake anyone could ever make. I'm RMP and i know the state of play as a Tom but to be an officer...

    Heavens above, join something where you will actually have a job, friends, guys to go out with instead of having to knock about with your JNCOs forever regretting the descion you made and secretley envying them for their ability to make decsions, go on courses, have time of, make friends, have a laugh etc etc

    RMP officer is the equivalent of being the fat kid at school who always got picked last for sports and ended up being in goal and bringing in sweets to try and make friends with the big boys. But never quite getting any because deep down everyone knows that although the sweets taste nice you are stilla hopeless loser,

    But then again maybe I got the wrong end of the stick.
  11. Hi there, nah, negative, am joining RMP as a soldier - for some reason I have always been against "officership" as it were. I am from a military family (will be the 10th generation British soldier in our family) and never have any member of our family been to officer cadet college.

    Funny enough though mate, I have been told exactly the same thing you've just told me about being an officer in the RMP.

    Cheers, enjoy the day.
  12. "Wear the badge and wear it proud and wear it true"

    You'll be singing the star spangled banner next!
  13. T*sser.
  14. B_AB is not just a sounbd judge of carachter, but a poet to boot!!