Wear and tear to cars through Res to Pod

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by ApissedoffVE, Dec 30, 2003.

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  1. On Arrival at my new duty station, I was told that there was no Married Quarters available at the station ( convieniently located right outside the main gate !!) and my only alternative was to take one 22 miles away and commute. Not an ideal situation but when removals are behind you, you have to make a fast decision !. So, i now have to commute 44 miles a day along shitty B Roads to get to work - all the time putting mileage on my car, wear and tear, increased insurance because I'm commuting, more servicing ( 6 tyres in 6 months ! ) and to cap it all my wife can't use the car to travel to work as I have it, so she ends up doing shitty local agency work. My Question to all you Fin Peeps out there is: Apart from the measly £5.00 a day Respod I get which barely covers the cost of the petrol at 79.9p a litre - Is it possible to get some sort of allowance or payment to cover the depreciation and wear on my car due to this unwanted commute to work ??

    And they won't move me because I need to be in the house a full 6 months before I can apply for a move !! :?


    Why do the bullets have to be hitting you to be effective ?
  2. what is it you want..someone to wipe your arrse? there are lots of people who commute a lot farther than that, and they don't have a choice either
  3. ApissedoffVE mate! What the effing hell do you drive? I mean 6 tyres in 6 months is unbelievable!

    If there is a better but slightly loner route into work I think you can claim for and use that if it is significantly quicker - otherwise I think it's just bad luck.
  4. Hey Ex Dvr - the fact that you are an Ex gives you no say on here apart from your ramblings and offensive posts to get more posts and more medals - little insecure are we ?

    My point is that I am being disadvantaged from my peers - no-one else has a commute thrust upon them unless they are civvies like your illustrious self. As a result of this I am paying good money from my own pocket and I simply want to know if the big company that we work damn hard for has the ability somewhere to repay me - damn sure if you could get money for nowt you would ( if you say no you are a liar as well as an annoying Trog)

    One flew over - thanks for that tip - I'll look into that little pearler


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  5. You might also want to look at filling in a tax return, you can get a handsome rebate on MMA don't know though if it applies to RPOD. Suggest speaking to a financial advisor or accountant the initial outlay might reap rewards.

    PS You are lucky that you get £5 a day I am on automated RILOR and for my 26 miles a day I egt enough a month to three quarters fill my tank once....I have to fill the tank at least two times a month you do the maths.....
  6. Thats a crappy deal isn't it !! - however, Rilor tells me that you are commuting from your own house so at least you aren't paying rent to the Army to live in the back end of nowhere !!

    I'll also look into the Tax thing - keep those suggestions coming and thanks to the 2 already - oh, and Ex Dvr - I have been in long enough to remember the RCT and it sure aint anything to be boastful of !!

    Six tyres ? - it is VERY shitty roads and it is also knackering my suspension. Also living an hour's drive (no shit and only 20 miles too) means I'm always racing to get past the Traaaaaaaactors and into work on time, hence the wear.

    + please don't tell me to get up earlier - I needs my beauty sleep

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  7. Ugly bastards do :lol:
  8. Ok, all say ahhh after three.

    Less facetious.
    What comes to mind is that we all believe we want something for nothing. The squaddie remuneration
    I.e., the mil will pay for anything that is perceived to be above and beyond the call of duty. We also complain that the 'mil' should compensate us for everything that falls outside living in a ditch. We also perceive the lack of funding. WE want twice as much for half the amount. With that, I agree.

    I believe we are spoiled. We get the idea that the equivalent in civvy street has an expense account the size of a small African banana republics AK47 fund. Any civpop care to enlighten us?

    Being one who has never served outside the green machine, I cannot comment on how a civvy company treats or serves an employee. But, as a serviceman, I feel that asking the Boss to compensate me for the wear and tear of my tyres is a tad goatblowing.

    A suggestion would be, offer your services to a 'company' who takes your feelings seriously. Say for example Kwikfit or ATS. I'm sure they have a policy to discount workers regarding the excessive use of tyres and have a scheme to discount your excessive wear.

    If you want the world, change your name to gold member and place your little finger in your mouth when making demands of world leaders.

    Just a thought.
  9. Since leaving 4 years ago, all my jobs have been miles from my house. None of the companies paid anything towards petrol and tyres. My last job was a 30-minute drive each way through the Cheshire countryside. When my car was knackered one winter, the boss told me to find alternative transport (at own cost) or take unpaid leave until it was sorted out (excellent incentive !). Now since starting my own business I can claim petrol expenses as a tax perk, but it's something like 9p a mile, so it's small compensation for the travelling I do, but a welcomed one. I can’t claim for wear and tear, as the taxman would personally beat the crap out of me or fine me.

    As Lord has said, one is quite spoilt in the forces and I can say that cos I was one of the spoilt !!
  10. Now I could have replied last night, but i had a few sherbets..
    Hey sprog! i am sick of saying this..i never ever was a trog there is another meaning for the abbreviation of dvr in this world dont you know. just like RAF also the abbreviation for the Red Army Faction! if you have been in that long, maybe you should be of the rank by now that the commute should'nt affect your lifestyle too much as you should be at least a "badge" by now..

    ermm look at my little posts for medals.. got enough to keep me going thanks.and just cos my handle says ex..are you not being a bit presumptious that i am not still serving?
  11. Head rises above parapet and says;

    1. The amount of RESPOD you receive takes into account what is considered "fair wear and tear" on your car. As you have been quartered away from your duty station, the rate you receive is higher RILOR.

    2. You canb only get a trebate on the tax you have paid on running costs (per mile) on journeyds to a place of work that is not your normal place of work ie, attending a course that you drive to on a daily basis at a different station.

    3. You forget to mention that you receive the RESPOD even when you are not actually going to work, weekends et al.

    4. Why not give your wife your car and go to the local car auctions and buy a high miler for about £500 (max), run it into the ground and then throw it away and start the whole process all over again. Do you really need cruise control, leather seats, air con and the like just to drive to a barracks to park it for the day?

    5. No, I am not SPS or the like, just had the time in to realise that these things happen so shut up whining and get on with it.

    6. Retreats behind parapet.
  12. If you're quartered 22 miles away from duty station then you ain't the only one. Does the phrase car share mean anything to you?

    Respod does cover wear and tear and not just petrol. If yours doesn't I suggest you're on the wrong rate and should speak with your FSA. Try being NICE to them, the AGC are human too.

    Six tyres in six months? Get your tracking checked, any good VM should be able to shoe you how. You're going to be a VM yourself in a few months so the practice will do you good.

    Don't ignore the advice of the previous poster. Go to an auction or hit the classifieds and get a cheap runaround. The RESPOD doesn't take into account the car you drive. A 1.2 Nova can be had for peanuts, run for buttons and insured for beans. I had a 9 year old Sierra that cost me £950 to buy, £250 to insure for the year and I spent under £500 on it in spares and repairs in the 2 1/2 years I owned it. And that's a big expensive car!

  13. Best advice overall !
  14. In response to Lord Flashs comments I work for a national firm that provides company cars for its managers to use for business and pleasure - In return for a reduction in tax allowance you get a resonable car which is maintained and insurered for you by the company BUT all go go juice is put in by yourself. You can claim back money for business miles used back at 91/2p per mile which barely covers the actual cost of the fuel used on those business miles but here comes the good bit business miles does not inculde the milage between your home and place of work which most managers means distances averaging 30 miles EACH way every day when the business is open. for example I put in over £200 worth of diesel into my car one month and used the car more or less to go to work and got back £120 a month after i put the fuel into my car.

    Shite but you takes the money you take the choice.
  15. A big thank you to all the posts - Maj boothroyd, I AM the only one travelling from this particular place to my Duty Station - If I could car share I would jump at the chance !! Unfortunately DHE left me and my missus high and dry and boy did they get us good !!!

    Hey Ex-Dvr - R U a trog or a wedgie then ? if I did want someone to wipe my arse I would prefer it if they were more qualified than you !!

    And some people work for a living and don't get the chance to get a warrant - ever heard of an artisan ?

    But seriously, I don't want this to deteriorate any lower (although Ex-Dvr is trying to pull my plonker) I welcome the good tips I have received and the one about claiming for a longer faster route is looking good. please keep em coming

    ApissedoffVE joins Sloppy Link behind the parapet and waits for Ex Dvr to finish reading and put his tongue away