Weapons to China

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tricam, Feb 22, 2005.

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  1. from the Times...

    I can't believe they are considering selling weapons to China. Grossly irresponsible. I realise it might help to encourage China in 'from the cold' but still seems like a huge risk considering there is a possibility we could end up fighting them and that they aren't really up to scratch on the human rights side of things.
  2. the spams want to protect tawian why would we fight china ?
  3. The Chinese tend to take the long view. They waited patiently to regain Hong Kong and Macao. How patient will they be with Taiwan ?
  4. Whats it got do with us? We didn't really do much about Tibet did we, so why start now with Tiawan.
  5. My personal pet war scenario is china removing the Ssiberian oilfields from Russia, and stopping at that, without threatening the surival of Russia, reducing incentive to unleash nuclear war.

    Leaving a destabilised, weakened Russia bordering Europe, and an aggressive china with no worries about energy supplies.

    I though it was an origional scenario. Apparently, so did that fatherless T Clancy.
  6. "an aggressive china with not energy worries."

    China is not an aggressive nation but does have massive 'energy conncerns'. They have been having internal problems with Islamists for far longer then we have.
    China wants to and will dominate its part of the world.
    Tiawan is a rallying cry to help unite the massive population. China's main problems are internal and China will undergoe massive internal changes.
    China needs oil not war.
  7. And if the projection from BBC's This World on Tue is right. The Chinese probably will extinct in 100 year time anyway
  8. Hows that then?
  9. The policies of trying to produce boys only under Mao is coming home to roost. There are 40,000,000 more Men than women.
  10. You mean, the reaction of a patriarchal society to vigorous enforcement of a one-child policy, leading to female infanticide and abandonment of baby girls, has resulted in a significant imbalance of the gender ratio between Chinese men and women?

    Serves ‘em right for being bloody ignorant. Maybe they’ll start recording an increase in the gay population in China; except that’s illegal as well. So there’s no shirt lifting, not enough women, and 40,000,000 horny young men?

    I mean, that’s like the entire male population of France and Britain going completely off sex! And no chance of getting any!

    No wonder they’re so fecking antsy. If I was a old bloke running a huge country, I’d be worried too.

    Explains the huge production of sex toys, too.

    edited: Ration? What Ration?
  11. For a moment there I was really impressed, then I noticed 'ration'. :wink:
  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Quick thought - what's the best way to take a load of young men's minds off sex (if that is at all possible)?

    answer: put 'em all into uniform, keep 'em knackered, and if all else fails, invade somewhere :(
  13. Chuang Tze vi. 9:

    Or to put it another way - as long as it takes til they get their way.
  14. Try that myself, still honey as F*ck.

    Although have 40,000,000 young men kill off in World war III may solve the problem. or may be they can export their surplus men to consumers in the west. It can be the next big thing for Ann Summer

    Do we really want to defend Taiwan? There aren't oil there nor do I see them welcome us any more then the Iraqi. Remember in the last poll there over 40% would like to re-united with China in some point in the future when the condition is right. They also happen to be one of the largest investors in China. Most of them still see themselves Chinese anyway.

    The Muslim is a much bigger issue for everyone, Chinese, Russian, US and ourselves are all engaged in war with them at the moment. Centre Asia where muslim and oil is co-located is where everyone focused.

    One more point, if the BAe move there production line to China like the rest of industry, is it mean the MOD can buy more kits for the same budget?
  15. Theres an English teacher crying somewhere now...