Weapons that were never used in war

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by BennyBagnuts, May 30, 2012.

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  1. I was just reading the thread about the Chieftain and one of the posts mentioned that the British never used it in warfare. What other weapons (bar ICBM) or vehicles or any other kit was never proven in battle by the British Army?

    I see quite a few veicles in and around camps like the Antar, Stalwart etc. Were they ever deployed in anger?
  2. Weapons that were never used in war?

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  3. I'm guessing that the wombat was never used in war either. Unless anyone knows better or course.
  4. Bravo_Bravo
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  5. He said weapons, not tools mate.
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  6. Gloster Javelin, All Weather Fighter, never fired a shot in anger.

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  7. Australian F111 bombers and Leopard AS1 MBTs
  8. Don't think WOMBAT was ever fired at an enemy although six were sent to the Falklands they sent down with Atlantic Conveyor. Not sure about MOBAT it may have been used in Aden or Radfan/Oman.
  9. I reckon most of it must be cold war kit. If it was brought in, in the 60's or 70's theres a chance it wouldn't have been used.

    Conversely what is the most fired weapon Enfield 303 or SA80 A2?
  10. I think the title of the thread "Weapons that were NEVER used in war" allows me to be a little pendantic in the Cheiftain certainly did fight a war but not with the British army. I do remember seeing pictures of one of them being driven back to the Iranian lines with the turrete covered in buried AT shells. The story was it was the commander that had driven it back with the rest of the crew was dead but don't know if this was true or not. I would think they had the same poor reliability that they had with us at that time so that would explain the picture here of canabalised vehicles with engines removed/looted.

    Iranian Chieftains - World War 2 Talk
  11. I thought pretty much the same thing. I'd say anything that didnt get used on Banner or Corporate.

    What about one shot wonders like Vulcan? I know Stinger did well for the Afghans against the Russians but did any of the surface to air stuff we gave them ever score a hit or was it as pump as I thought?
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  12. dockers

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    Not quite: "The Lightning replaced the Javelin in the UK and Germany in short order with most being gone by 1965, but the Javelin held on for a few years longer in the Far East, where it gained its only air to air victory - an Indonesian C-130 which crashed while trying to avoid a Javelin that had been sent to intercept it during the Malayan crisis in 1964."

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