Weapons stolen from Australian Navy base



Much embarrasment is ensuing from the RAN as we speak. Most of those weapons will be in the hands of bikies within a week.
Well it if were bikies, they seem to have at least on well trained member. Must be easier ways to get the sort of weapons they want though. Maybe someone just wanted to have a nice gun collection :)
Am I to take it that they only had one person on board, and that the weapons locker was either unlocked, or the key in the posession of the young boy on guard duty?
No problem if they get caught. They can always claim that they were only taking them as souvenirs, and were going to have them mounted and presented to the bike club as trophies..... It seems to work over here anyway.
Did they get away with any i-pods?
Standards are clearly slipping. Took a whole 42 minutes for that to be raised.

Anyhoo, a real crock and no doubt lessons will be learned etc.etc. but make of this what you will:

"A Northern Territory Police spokesman said a crewman on board was assaulted and tied up before the intruder broke into the boat's armoury.

He said two pump-action shotguns and a dozen 9mm pistols were taken.

An Armidale-class patrol boat would carry a stock of machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, 9mm pistols and ammunition in its armoury.

Territory police Commander Richard Bryson says it appears the offender appeared to be familiar with the layout of the boat and ADF procedures."

Weapons stolen in naval base security breach | ABC Radio Australia

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