Weapons Reunion

Discussion in 'REME' started by Devilishdave, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. How many weapons or ex weapons seniors would be interested in a reunion?

    Or should we just call it an Armourers reunion :?: :?: :twisted:

    Joking aside its a genuine question.

  2. The Armourers' Association got a bit snippy about this a few years ago, I seem to recall... Any excuse for a p*ss up, mind you!
  3. What was the associations problem?

  4. Sorry to be ignorant, but a mate of mine is a tiffy weapons and for some strange reason doesn't have a computer, is tiffy weapons what you are on about because i'll pass it on.
  5. The Tiffy course going through Bordon was "tasked" with organising the "Weapons Trades SNCO's Reunion" a la Reccy Mech reunion and RS and Tech Storeman reunions. This was when some bright spark discovered that the Corps Mess would offset the cost somewhat. I haven't heard of one happening for a couple of years.

    The Armourers' Association Dinner does happen every year. There was no official disagreement between the two functions, they target slightly different audiences. The Bordon function was aimed at Armourers, Gun Fitters and Tiffy Wpns of SNCO status and above. The AA dinner is open to Armourers of any rank. Last years function ranged from LCpl to Major but NO GUNFITTERS!

    How the Gunfitters will fit in now that we're all Armourers is beyond me to answer. All I know for sure is the Armourers' Association Dinner is on 2 Sep 06 at the Victory Services Club, London, http://www.vsc.co.uk/ I will be there. Please PM me if you need further details.
  6. There was some talk of poaching on their turf, I think. there was also an attempted amalgamation of the two do's, which foundered on the association being all ranks, and the Weapons do catering for SNCOs.

    Having been to both Association reunions and weapons reunions, I don't see the problem. the association do has a larger representation of "Old and bold"(some pre war) of all ranks, and is usually held in September in the Victory Services Club. The Weapons trade reunions held in SEME Sgts Mess were for seniors or ex-seniors only, and the last one I went to had a couple of Chelsea Pensioners as guests. A bloody good time is had by all at both functions, Dave, so if you're thinking of organising another one of the latter, PM me and I will assist if possible.
  7. YES!!!
  8. No need to shout, MajBoothroyd. And no, I'm not being rank conscious!
  9. Sorry, and I wasn't being rank concious. I too would like to see/attend both functions because I'm proud to admit to having friends who are.... gun-fitters!!!! Gotta go, it's Harry-time!
  10. I attended the 1st one in recent years, 2000. A good do, not intended to compete with the Armrs assc but to be a little like the Recy mech thing. As far as I thought, the organisation was to be left to the junior tiffy wpns course at Bordon each year to organise? I am out of the loop currently and havnt heard owt, so it may not be the case. The other top tip DD, I seem to remember if you advertise the 'weekend' as a seminar to talk about guns n stuff then serving punters can claim for travelling and things. You have to then provide a worthwhile seminar to attemd mind you, but!!!
  11. the reunion in 2000 was organised by Art Wpns cse 108 - and a fine job we did too. i don't remember much after the photo was taken so it was definately good!!!

    i went to the one a year later which was also v.good, but then they died off - lazy buggers on their courses couldn't be arrsed eh? bloody kids :)

    can we have one this year please - before Sept if poss as I'm off then?
  12. Glad that your still alive Nige. :)
    What a good idea. It would be nice to see some old faces again, and maybe some new ones. :)
  13. My course organised the last one which was in 2001 or 2002. I cant remember which. Again a cracking night was had by all.

  14. Not too difficult if you think laterally; who says you have to hold the function in Bordon? Hold it in Arborfield and use the Corps mess and everyone can pile into the REME musuem for the seminar. A quick word in advance to the Curator should see a sizeable portion of the weapons collection taken out and put on display for discussion.

    The Armourers' Association has also toyed with holding it's annual dinner at Shrivenham with a tour of the technological stuff in the daytime.

    Over to you, Junior tiffies...

    **ADVERT WARNING** Armourers' Association dinner, 2 Sep 06, Victory Services Club, London. PM me for more info.
  15. I was one at the original weapons reunion held in Bordon WO's & Sgts Mess, also attended subsequent reunion but it all seemed to die a death when Iraq kicked off. Would be very interested in attending another .. :lol: .............I think actually it was officialy a"seminar" 8) to allow tight wad tiffies to claim for travel & get free flights etc !!