Weapons Rationalisation

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by saladin, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. I understand that following hard on the heels of the proposal to reduce the landrover fleet is a plan to reduce our small arms holdings. Initial analysis shows that the majority of "personal weapons" are only fired once a year, cost significant amounts to maintain and inspect etc. Crucially the large number of dispersed unmanned armouries - TA Centres, Cadet facilities, together with the perceived laxness of security even on manned bases over the weekend is seen as a real and increasing security threat. The proposal therefore, is that Whole Fleet management will also be applied to small arms. A small training pool ( 100 weapons per Bde is the plan ) will be held at appropriate centralised locations where they can be properly maintained and held securely. Units warned for deployment would draw Operational weapons when starting MST.

    Logical really, We have no uniforms, no vehicles. Why would we need weapons.
  2. <Edited to reduce the embarrassment of having been captured in a wah. Took it hook, line, and sinker... classic bite. Vaguely relevant bits remain...>

    I've been there, I've had it done to me.

    I have experience of this particular problem, because my first post as a TA Inf Platoon Commander was at a platoon location in lowland Scotland. No armoury, no stores. While an armoury was being built in the TA Centre, its original installation was a comedy of errors (broken keys, installers fitting and locking the blister but not telling anyone the combination, etc, etc); not helped by the lack of a resident caretaker (her flat got turned into extra classrooms), changes in security requirements during the build, etc, etc.

    So, we had no weapons on-site. Nor anything else, for that matter (no PLCE, no helmets, no nothing). If I needed a slack handful of silva compasses, it was "ask well in advance, or be prepared for disappointment". If we wanted to do weapon training, it was dvr + escort on the 3/4 hour each-way journey from Coy HQ. IIRC, we didn't need enough to go over the then-limit for "notify HQ Scotland of weapons movements by road".

    It was an utter, utter, PITA. The concept of "personal weapons" was a non-starter (even with our best efforts, care and maintenance suffers); post-training admin had to be carried out at Coy HQ, not at the TAC (no stores remember, and our QM insisted that all PLCE be kept in the stores, empty and unloaded), so on weekends the platoon effectively dismissed 45 minutes after everyone else in the company.

    On the bright side, we had the only valid-certificate 0.22 range in the Company, so the platoon went through the Coy allocation of smallbore ammo using the conversion kits. In those heady days of crown immunity, I was more than happy to run the range with the lights out using IWS, sub-cal for the 84 (f***, that thing was loud, but you had to see the grins after the command "Tank-Action-Front-Rapid"). As a vehicle for infantry training, the range is brilliant, especially if you can finish things off with live firing. I still can't believe that the 0.22 conversion for SA80A2 wasn't funded...
  3. We could use those rubber guns they have for the MATT Swimming test and just go "BANG". WAGI
  4. All part of "doing more with less"

  5. It has been - for the Cadets. On order for delivery later this year.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Is it April 1st already?
  7. Why don't we just reduce our holdings of soldiers, centralise them in a few key locations, sign them out at 90 days notice to move, and only pay them when we need to...

    ...oh wait. That was the Review of the Reserves.
  8. The Prize goes to MSR. Yep, a Wah......

  9. Its not a "wah" though and - more to the point - not actually witty...

    You might have redeemed yourself by letting it run a little longer though, allowing the usual suspects to trot out their habitual One Army, eh? Sign of the times / Nobody in the CoC understands shooting, and its because they're all public schoolboys who don't read Clausewitz comments.

    Ho hum...
  10. Charlie,

    Sadly a lack of wit, in the wider sense, is exactly what all this is about. Saw your picture in BAR BTW, you were facing the other way in that one.

  11. Ah, spit. Captured. That's what I get for thinking "Saladin? Sensible bloke, decent posts, normally reliable"....

    I confess, I am that muppet...

    Ironically, it's the public schoolboys who are most likely to have done much in the way of shooting before joining the Cadets / Armed Forces... (and I don't count, it was a very nice if slightly unusual Forces school)...
  12. Public schoolboys shooting? More like shooting up nowadays... at Marlborough anyway, or so I've heard.

    For my part, life in the pre-Dunblane era was great. Invite a spindly 14-year old kid to the school gun club, get him to sign a flimsy disclaimer, press a Beretta .44 into his clammy, trembling hands and watch him stagger backwards with the recoil as an enormous grin spreads across his face... I was that boy and it was bliss.