Weapons on mobilisation

Anyone know if the units and individuals being mobilised for Telic are being given A2s? Are inf units on the same getting their scaling of minimis?

And, one more question to add as an aside, what about PRR? Are these being issued?
We got A2's in February. we got some Augmentees who got LSW's because they had run out of rifles, but they were A2 standard. Not sure on Minimi as they were an in theatre issue item.


All our group got A2's at Chilwell, including a few shocked Officers!

PRR is used in theatre, but not issued at RTMC.


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The Inf Coy Group out here got A2s, but no minimis or GPMGs or anything else. The poor bleeders are only used as gate guards and stggers-on, so there is no requirement....

I've even seen Yemanry Officers here with an A2, which is frankly bloody scary.
Snowy you haven't seen a Yeomanry officer from NI running about over there have you?

If you do could you tell him the new school terms just started and he's needed back here?


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