Weapons of Officers

Discussion in 'Officers' started by HiHoJo, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. HI all, posted this in the QM's section but don't seem to be getting anywhere, perhaps you chaps could help!

  2. Officers dont carry rifles they have a batman for that, Its all about the Sword you see, They dont like it up em
  3. haha, well this is thesort of answer being thrown in at the other thread and, whilst amusing, demonstrates how long it takes to get an answer to a relativley simple question on this forum!
  4. While not limited per se and he should have the ability to use all weapons in the plt/ tp, those weapons are not part of the job for which he is there.
    He is there to lead the men(theoretically).
    You cannot do this if you are putting down suppressive fire with an MG or playing at sniper. as a general rule.
  5. It seriously depends, But as a rule of thumb you will be issued with an IW unlikely to get burdened with anything else as you already have the burden of command... You may be unlucky enough to get spammed with a 9mm.
  6. ok cheers guys that's what I was after :) Presumably the exception would be something like being issued a sniper rifle if leading a recon. mission of some sort?
  7. The officers we had loved to cut about with their brand new Sigs, practising quick draws and what not
  8. Normally not but there may be exceptions. I know of one Company 2ic on a recent Herrick tour who took a GMPG on patrol more than once. Why do you ask?
  9. There's an excellent piece in 18 Platoon, where Sydney Jary comments about carrying nothing more than his colt pistol into combat, and how was he supposed to command when he was "got up like a Christmas tree". Apparently he also carried an umbrella for a time before his pl. sgt. decided it would be "lost"

    Sadly, those days are gone.
  10. Still doubtful, as mentioned you may learn to use these weapons but your actual use of it will be limited.
  11. Just interested that's all. I've been reading the book attack state red which talks about the variety of weapons used, and on the mod website there seems to be a fair variety of infantry weapons and I was just wondering if, as an officer, you'd be able to get to "play around" with any of it! However I understand the valid point of "you should be concentrating on leading and planning etc"
  12. Dont they have Sergeant's for all that down and dirty stuff? Officers are there to shout "two up and bags of smoke" and "Follow me chaps!"
  13. They carry the same as their troops - end of.
  14. No gentleman carries more than his cane. What more could possibly required?
  15. Sadly?! 8O :D

    Now I like a firearm as much as the next man but when I was an FOO, I very much thought of my IW as a weapon of last resort - because after all compared to well directed fire, a 9mm SMG was hardly an act of war and an SLR merely one step up from there.

    Mr D's point is well made - officers are there to direct the efforts of their troops rather than to achieve an individual personal best for "baddies slotted". Obviously there are always cases where officers have had to go into "reversionary mode" and I know of two MC winners who had to take a brief break from their day job to bayonet a number of Argentine soldiers.

    When I read your request I immediately thought "gamer"? Am I right?