Weapons of officers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HiHoJo, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. I thought it was just a swagger stick or small bamboo cane?
  2. If I recall correctly from my Household Cavalry times we wouldn't trust our officers with a pointy stick let alone any thing that might go bang

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  4. Believe me, its not. Most of the population of ARRSE can only last 4 minutes. :twisted:
  5. We try to please.
  6. Quality!
  7. Certainly, in my day (1978-2000), the sight of an officer with a weapon of any description would have been cause for significant alarm in the Sgts' Mess. Worries the troops, d'you see?
  8. If for any reason an Officer ended up with a minimi or something similar, things will have gone very very wrong.

    L85A2/Pistol and nothing else.
  9. Shooting stick. Except for the Paras, where an umbrella is the implement of choice; furled, of course. No gentleman would unfurl his umbrella.

    If things get unpleasant, one may be obliged to draw one's sword. Hope this helps.
  10. Surely a crop (Swaine,Adney and Brigg only) :D

  11. Officers should be 'armed' only with a stout walking cane to thrash Johnny Foreigner with when he gets uppity, or else have his batman carry his Purdey in the event of a 'general uprising of the native populace'.

    I understand that it is permitted to point in the general direction of the enemey with either a swagger stick or fountain pen.
  12. Bad memory....Never could remember the password...Knew no Jerry would carry one...Had to prove I was an Englishman, you see.
  13. ..... and a trusty " Whistle " to really put the fear of God into the foe .