Weapons Manuals 25 pounder field gun QF

A dear old boy I know, a retired General in the Jordanian Artillery, is keen to get hold of a 25pdr manual and firing tables.

Does anyone know where I could find some? pdf would do as I think it is purely for his own enjoyment rather than a book collection as it were.

Great old chap and a dead spit for an older Omar Sharif.

Any info gratefully received.

Cheers Resurgam


Book Reviewer
Thanks I will send him there. He is specifically after stuff on the old 25pdr. I think he trained on them at Larkhill whilst a young subaltern
Petardier's love of the 25 pounder approaches, nay exceeds, that of the average ARRSER's affection for the SLR.

He could probably recite the manual in the same way that the product of a Madrassa can do the Koran.

Until he turns up this will have to do

Paging Petardier.....

Paging Petardier.
Firepower hold this sort of thing and for a charge will make copies. Some TA units still have 25pdr for saluting purposes, they might have spare copies
Another possibility might be Firepower at Woolwich. I think they have the RA Institution library too and certainly there are several 25s on show
That is a great start. What I need next is the maintenance manual with the daigrams and pictures of the parts.

I am beginning to think old Bahjat is trying to build one!

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