Weapons Lesson plan needed URGENT (Please)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Rincewind, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Hello, am doing a Weapons Instructors Course in November, and for some strange reason i need to take a prepared lesson plan on the weapons system of my choice with me (i thought i was there to learn how to do that buy still..........)

    Can anyone help me?

    Obviously PM me as i expect the content to be not for public eyes.

    Am defence vetted and the Armoury controller for my unit so no worries on security aspect.

    Serious cry for help - willing to accept any system, if you can lend me any bits and peices too - that would be fabulous.


  2. Are you TA or Reg and where are you going to do the course?
  3. Ex Reg (Army) now Cadet Forces (Sea Cadets) and its in Lincolnshire

  4. does it stipulate on the course joining instructions that you have to do a completed lesson plan prior to attending?
  5. Yes.


    (ps thank you in advance)
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I imagine they want to see your current standard of teaching, assume you have done BITS etc? In which case, your lesson plan should consist of Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation then Test...

    I think?
  7. Nope - did CRCQ, and weapons instruction for the 2 systems i can run ranges for - Air Rifle and .22rf. then the powers that be decided you have to also have a weapons instruction ticket (without which you cant even allow rifle drill in your unit - health and safety gone a bit too far me thinks)

    So - i would like some help - i guessed someone would have something laying around - and i am reliably informed i will learn how to come up with one on the course too.

    I figured if i asked you guys - i might get something a bit more exotic to plagerise for my own.

  8. Have been running ranges for 18 months and now they bought this in, without this qual - i cant allow rifle drill with deactivated .303s to happen.

  9. Rincewind, check your PM.
  10. Same here....check PM....
  11. Thanks guys.