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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by gorilla, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. Currently doing my phase 2 at RMPTS, sorry I meant DPC(C), (its still better than Southpark!). Anyway, I am interested in specialising in weapons intelligence, could someone please tell me : (a) what the course is like
    (b) what the job actually entails
    (c) where the best posting is for
    this type of work

    Many thanks
  2. Don't want to be a knob and cut you off, but knowing a little about WIS I think it's fair to say that it's not best discussed on a public forum. Ask your DS to point you in the right direction.

    FWIW it's an extremely interesting subject, though don't know how RMP is configured for it nowadays though.

  3. WIS, now there is a job you do not hear about every day. Never had much to do with them myself, but the guys I knew who had been on it all thought it was a great job.
  4. Looking via Google re WIS came across report ref police ambush at Heathrow where there is mention of special Hatton rounds from a stun gun to deflate tyres on getaway vehicle. Anyone fill me in on Hatton rounds?
  5. Fill you in? Or fill you with? That might hurt!
  6. Hatton rounds are 12-gauge rounds filled with powdered or granulated lead to provide a dense, pulverising cloud to, for instance, blow hinges or locks off doors.

  7. Thanks Bugsy7. Take it that 'fired from stun gun' is mistook.
  8. Yes, they look like normal shotgun rounds. I've seen them used on cars and on doors in equal numbers. I was at a SO19 hard stop on a 4x4 that involved (1) being rammed by the SO19 landie (2) flash bangs (3) Hatton Rounds to take out the tyres (4) a small ninja armed with an icepick hurling himself onto the bonnet and hacking out the windscreen.

    Never really fancied the job myself, but I was a bit tempted on that particular day, very A-Team.

  9. WIS has never been a secret, it consists of RMP who investigate a particular set of crimes, the fact that they have the backing and support of other agencies/units whilst on the ground is not unusual. I did WIS for a few years and did not have to do any special training for it, did see some interesting stuff though.
  10. I did it too, got treated like an adult and had good Officers commanding it too (Not RMP ones) therefore capable of giving support and making decisions too! Changed its name briefly cos of a book by Mark Urban in mid nineties, Big Boys rules i think.
  11. I don't think you can just walk into that job as a Lance Jack and by the time the water behind your ears has evaporated there may well be no WIS in existence as the IRA have 'thrown in the towel'. From my days in NI in 91-93, WIS was one of the plum RMP postings as they didn't have to work too hard to earn their NI pay, unlike the majority who were in green for most of the 2 year tour. In saying that I managed 10 months in the CWS which was the dogs nads posting. Of course being banned by the OC from the other bars on the strip went in one ear and out the other.
  12. Dont worry its still going strong, and maybe you might get a sun tan doing it instead of getting piss wet through on a cordon and soggy beard.
  13. Akira's right. WIS came to the fore in NI, and, pre-normalisation, each Bde had a Wpns Int Section comanded by an ATO (RLC Capt), an RMP Sgt, 6 or 8 RMP Cpls/LCpls and an Int Corps Collator (JNCO). The OC WIS (SO3 G2 Wpns Int) worked to the Bde SO2 G2 and also to the SO2 G2 Wpns Int in HQNI.

    Since it's inception, the WIS concept of joint teams consisting of ATO EOD expertese with RMP Investigation skills and Int Corps collation skills has been applied to several theatres around the world. As an ATO I've worked with WIS in NI & Kosovo & several of my collegues have worked and are currently working with WIS in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is even a UK 'WIS' team working in Baghdad with the yanks (Except It's called CEXC (prn: sexy!))

    Essentially WIS, especially in NI, is visiting the scenes of EOD incidents (attacks) and wpns finds, investigating & assessing (or guessing) the likely device construction and method of functioning, or logging wpn serial numbers; then looking at several incidents and spotting patterns and trends.

    There was no real special training required, however the ability to tell an AK47 from an AKM and all the different variations, might help!
  14. I read that - interesting...............
  15. I did that job too, 91 - 93, smashing job. It was 'Big Boys Rules', the Government of the day served a number of 'D', drop notices on the publisher, if my memory serves me correctly.

    Whilst the job was uber interesting, it wasn't rocket science, nor as sneaky beaky as some respondents are making out, (Not in my day anyway), but fun all the same.

    You got to see all sorts of stuff, that you would not have otherwise seen.

    Oh they were the days.