Weapons Instructor (Cadets)

Hi all,

Got a question (or two maybe) about the Weapson Instructor (Cadets) Qualification - is this valid for the Instructor even if they leave the Cadet Organisation (ATC in my case). The situation I'm in is that I should be starting at Catterick at the beginning of April, and was wondering whether the qualification stays with me in any way, shape or form.

For example, if I held current WHTs on the cdt weapons, would I still be able to conduct training & WHTs, at a Cadet events etc - say if I went to an old unit whilst still being in the Regular Army, would my qualification still be valid so I could conduct training + WHTs with Cadets?

Reason I ask, is that my old Unit's staff would appreciate if I can back to visit/help for certain events, assuming I'm free in the first place, so WI could be useful for them.

Probably a bit of an odd and unusual question, but hopefully you can understand it and have some idea what I'm on about... :?

Best person to ask would be your Wing Shooting Convenor or SATT representitive,you should be able to stay on the books as a Service Helper in which case your quals would stay valid as long as they are signed off each year and WHTd on each weapon.You will need to get permission from your new CO and keep your CRB up to date..
As stated above keep your CRB upto date, get permission from your new CO, don't tell people in training that you work with Cadets! and keep your Cadet Qualifactions up to date. There then shouldn't be any problems........

The major problem comes if you decide to attend camp, do they give your local Sgt for a week? This can and does cause all manor of problems!

Good luck

Thanks for the info guys, will have a word to my Sqn CO and Wing Shooting Officer so they're aware of it, and then mention it to my Platoon Cmd (?) at Catterick and then at my Regiment. Shouldn't have any problems keeping current on the Cadet weapons.

Mainly thinking of weekend shoots rather than camps, dunno how much time off I'd have to be able to do them, other than recognised ones like Frimley Park.

Thanks again for the help, have a better idea of what to do/can do etc.


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