Weapons in cars

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mattybouy, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know the rules on carrying weapons in civi cars, i have been asked to take someone to chillwell and take 4 weapons in a hire car hired by the TA, i am not happy about but the TA being the TA say thats it ok.
  2. Is this retrospective and the reason for your AGAI?
  3. no no this is a completely different issue.
  4. GPMG mounted on the sunroof, no!

    However a hire car will have a work ticket etc, so I would have said yes its ok. Your own private car no!
    Some MT guru will correct me I'm sure.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Been out a while but that used to be the case
    The car will be on strength as 'a military vehicle'
    You will be covered by the same rules and insurance etc as if you were using a military vehicle
    If there's two of you going then you can be classed as driver and escort

    Shouldn't be a problem unless the car gets nicked whilst you are in Macca D's
  6. Once transported several GPMG's and a dozen or so SLR's in the back of a mine van.
    Would this be any different to that? I can't see it being a hired vehicle making it much different.
  7. As the Boy says a hire car therefore counts as white fleet so long as you have a workticket for it.....i think, think of it as the same as the minibuses we hire for RTC w/es and take to ranges/ trg area
  8. cheers for the replies, like i said am going to do it anyway because thats what we do in the army...do as we are told regardless if its right or wrong...

    oh and summer challenge 08 was a nightmare thanks to 6 scots....
  9. If it's hired then its an army vehicle - end of. That said, I can't imagine what the problem would be if it was your own car. Serving personnel on duty are exempt from the various firearms acts wherever they are or whatever they are doing.
  10. No need to tell me that :D
  11. you only did 2 weeks....try 7 weeks...lol
  12. That's a feckin dangerous attitude to have. If you are concerned ask your unit security officer about the rules and regs - they will no doubt drop a large red folder full of JSP on your head.
  13. Got told the other day that as long as the weapons are signed to personnel in the vehicle & there is a work ticket it is OK, but if it's just you & another escort then you need a form filled in - but I can't remember what form it was.
  14. There are regulations for carriage of weapons in private cars - it is possible but requires higher written authority (station/unit commander).

    All details in Security JSP (400?) available painfully through DII!
  15. JSP 440. The bible of security.