weapons handling test

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by guccishiz, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. Hi, can anyone please run me through the stoppage drills for the L85A2 rifle? i.e can somone please give me in order what you do...i.e.
    1.safety catch to safe
    2.remove magasine
    3......ect ect

    i have my WHT this weekend and my skills at arms instructor hasnt taught us it yet. thanks
  2. In your own time, carry on... to the hole that is.
  3. You don't need a WHT on a Frey Bentos tin you fat ******* STAB.
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  4. Of course you do - all folks get tested before they are taught on stuff! :roll: ....Here's a thought, how about asking your SAA instructor!
  5. 3. Check Magazine has rounds and are seated correctly
    4. put mag back on
    5 cock weapon ( don't forget to forward assist)
    6 Turn weapon so flash eliminator is resting on your teeth
    7 Safety catch to fire
    8 pull trigger
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  6. Heres hoping you ND through your own swede when it comes to live firing.

    Fingers crossed X X X X X X
  7. Try this official site. It's rockape but they use the same PAM.
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  8. How very DARE you to give this mouth breather a serious answer.
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  9. Recock weapon
    Look down barrel
    Pull trigger and see if it shows clear
  10. What? and cut out the internet? what are you thinking of?

    Now which one of you orrible lot set up yet another account? Nobody can be as stupid as the OP...

    please tell me it's a waah..

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  11. The tests are worryingly easy. I left before the SA80 came in and have never used one, but still got almost everything right.
  12. OP must be one of those scouse dealers who lifted the weapon from Salisbury. No serving member of HM Forces would be so stupid to post such a question on ARRSE!
  13. The above posters forgot squad 4 of the IA, to wit:

    While cocking lever is fully in rearward posn., lick boltface with sides of tongue, checking for an acrid taste, which indicates the presence of neutrinos in the reciever.
    Upon completion of this action, release bolt to forward position with tongue still protruding through ejection port.

    This is for the SLR, mind, but I imagine the IA is the same.
    Good luck on your test.
  14. to 'whiskey60', 'verticalgyro', 'flagrantviolator' Why the aggro tawards the STAB? jelous that i will have (both) my jobs in a few months and u will be lining up outside the dole office with the teen mums and the crack heads?? everyone else cheers for the answer :)
  15. It's the way the site works, part of the habitual discourse. Like insisting that all ACF instructors are peados. Don't bite and accept the answers.