Weapons from Iran found in Iraq.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 August 2005, 22:29 GMT 23:29 UK

    Iranian weapons are found in Iraq
    By Adam Brookes
    BBC Pentagon correspondent

    "Rumsfeld described Tehran as being "unhelpful"
    US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has said weapons from Iran have been found in Iraq."

    Hum, some one booking the next holiday for the troops.
  2. I knew they had to be getting their mortars from somewhere.
    The ones that were used nightly against us by an 'Iranian mortar team'
    Don't tell me the secrets finally out and the nasty Iranians have been caught in flagrante?
  3. Why is this such a huge surprise?

    As Mark Thomas revealed about 3 years ago, the Iranians will sell to anyone , and much cheapness effendi.

    Oh I found the links :)

    http://www.diomil.com/armament/mortar.htm , get them while they're hot.


    The bit from that Mark Thomas expose , 200 MP5's for only $350.00 a unit.

    Now that was the quote to a filthy infidel anglistani , I imagine they have a special price for "Heroic brothers fighting the great Satan. Probably offer great terms for cash . Let's face it they're not going to offer credit are they :)

    So before Von Rumsfeld gets carried away , look at the simple answers first. There is a massive defence industry bang next door willing to flog the stuff to anyone, no questions asked. I've even included the contact details , so Don the Neocon can ring DIO and say "Will you please stop flogging bloody weapons to the locals"

  4. theres no doubt that theyll find US (shite loads due to the US supporting Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war), Brit, Chinese etc.. weapons in the hands of the insurgents.

    even at SLB we had RPGs (?Russian, Chinese, anyone else with the licience to make them), 107mm Rockets (Chinese) and Mortars (anyone in the world) lobbed in.
    The septics had an aircraft shot down by a Stinger (US) that had been left behind by the SBS (UK) in one of their many abandoned vehicles after they were ambushed.
    A lot of the ammunition used by all sides is made in India and Israel to name just 2.

    I hope they dont find any Soda bread, Irelands a bit too close for it to be nuked.

    Straw, clutching at, for the use of.
  5. That may have something to do with the thousands of tons of HE that Iran delivered to Iraq in the eighties!! :D
  6. ....came across alot of weapons from the balkans, and ex british stuff as well....that area is a havean of weapons and ammo.

    there is more and more coming through the check points on the iran boarder...its amazing what a pay out to the guards can do.
  7. I have had some snags on that site. When I go to "Checkout", it doesn't recognise my postcode.. :(
  8. The US are unfortunately reaping what they have sown ... their recent policy of threatening and intimidating Iran has scared the regime there quite badly. But it is also clear that no serious ground assault can be launched until US troops in Iraq are available. Hence anything that helps to keep the insurgency boiling helps keep the Iranian regime in power. The more the US waves sticks at them the more supporting the insurgency is perceived as in their national interest.

    The US could of course start bombing but that probably strengthen the hold of the Mullahs in power. Air power cannot destroy dispersed hidden assets (just ask the Serbs) and without ground troops they'll stay hidden. Once you've bombed a few empty barracks and wiped out the airfields then there's not a lot you can do but hit dual military-civilian targets - which is an instant propaganda win for the regime and militant Islam (Cowardly servants of Great Satan bomb innocents from 30,000 feet and all that).

    I don't think that there's a great plot here with Iranian officals running the show though. It's far more likely that a few senior politicos have had a few chats with the higher-ups from the arms factories and have let it be known that the green light is on - and maybe a few discounts could be offered on the back of that new lucrative Government contract.
  9. Solution being Mossad perhaps?

    The arms dealers (and the mullahs who support them) could recieve an important call on their cell, only for it to conveniently detonate.

    Ho Hum, one less bad guy

    *Exerts taken from team america and mossad kitchen killers hand book* :wink:
  10. From a dispassionate perspective, it is completely understandable.

    The US (a self-declared threat) invade Iran's next-door neighbour.

    The borders of Iraq are left insecure.

    There is a growing US threat on the grounds of nuclear development.

    So, why not tie down your enemy by exploiting porous borders to supply an insurgency with weaponry?

    The US have employed similar techniques in the past!

    My major concerns are that UK troops will inevitably be in the firing line and that the realpolitik actions of Iran will be used as support for military striks against Iran, which will be completely counterproductive and will further incite the insurgency - which cannot be militarily defeated.
  11. As with all information it must be graded by source and likehood:

    Source - RUMSFIELD - Usually unreliable
    Information - Iraq is awash with explosives why import more? - Unlikely

    Graded F6


    Disinformation with two possible motivations:

    1. Explain the incompetence of RUMSFIELD
    2. Excuse for a further display of incompetence by RUMSFIELD in a double or nothing gamble

    Possibly both motivations exist
  12. Has anyone in Whitehall considered selling them the SA80, Bowman, Eurofighter etc.? It might make things a lot easier for us.