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I'm in the rifle volunteers as a recruit. What is the best way to clean gas parts quickly? Any short cuts that are legal and i won't get into trouble for or damage the parts are most welcome!!
Gas parts are a difficult one, especially if you are the GPMG gunner

I find it easier to put all the bits in a bath full of boiling hot water, leave them and go on the lash.

When you return someone else will have been dicked to clean it and put it away and you have to only do a fortnight in pokey.... worked for me anyway :D
Volunteer to hold yer pals shoota while he has a whazz....rob his gas parts and put them in your pocket

Shoot away until your hearts content watching him shoot single shot for the entire exercise...at the end give him back his minging gas parts and put back your squeaky clean shiney unused ones... calling him SUCKA, loud too helps, or go down the road of (I found these, check they aren't yours before we have to ive our declaration) he will be that grateful he will buy beer all night
Better still, just shout BANG and pretend your firing. Throw the un-used rounds in the nearest bin or down a grid. And before you can say 'Netto, it's Scandinavian for value', your gas parts are still clean !!
Use the sputnik with the GPMG

Use the cleaning kit with the SA 80. You're a recruit, and that means learning to do it the proper way, before you learn enough to take "short cuts"

It's your weapon, treat it with respect.
OIL gas parts soon as you finished fireing or as soon as convient leave for 15 minutes or so then should just wipe most off . issuse oil has somethin in it that does remove some carbon if you let it get cold well scotbrite and elbow grease stores should issuse it . ARe you coming out to basra in april so i can go home ?


i usually use a rag to clean my musket of gunpowder, and prep all my shots and gunpowder sachets with correct mesurements so that the barrel don't foul up with too much gunpwder thus preventing from fighting off those damned royalist soldiers
why not get a small philipino boy to come in and clean it. works for me and it only costs 4p an hour :wink:
ARe you coming out to basra in april so i can go home ?
Oh bloody hell, sorry Woody, we forgot all about you. As we hadn't heard much from the "Lost patrol" we assumed you were having a great time , and werent in a particular hurry to come back.

No, we can't send anyone else out to relieve you, as we've been dicked for a 6 monther closer to home. You think troops grow on trees or summat :lol:

And where are the photos?
If you can get to the PX or the states try "break"

It has always worked for me, but then I try and avoid the range like the plague so the one spray tin has lasted me years.

If no one knows where to get it over here, stick with HP sauce, scotchbrite and elbow grease. It is character building.

{ be thankful that your unit does not have a " 1st Batallion the Rifle Volunteers" sign, made up of 8 inch brass letters that needs to be cleaned every day!!}


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Bit of a tip on the Break Free CLP (Cleans, Lubricates, Protects - sounds like a Domestos flavoured condom)

Shake the bottle every time you use it. It contains Teflon which beads very quickly and descends to the bottom of the container. So if it ain't shaken you'll only be using the suspending oil. All very technical but you only have to remember to shake the damn bottle.

If you want a pull through that will really do the biz, invest in a 'Bore-Snake' available at any good gun shop. But get the correct size, you'll be in for a ba$tard size bill if you try pulling a 7.62 Bore-Snake through the SA80 !

However C_W, as has been mentioned before - you're a crow. Learn to do EVERYTHING the way you're taught, don't try to be clever. Later when you've a bit of time behind you then you can try some of these time saving tecniques.
no way am i staying out here for another 6 months though it might
give me a chance to finish my game boy game :lol: .THE yanks get shot too shit regualry in baghad we are mounting an operation against sheep smuggling hard core or wot .ITs atooss up who we dispise most signallers
or the choggis .will post pic when i get home and read manuel how to do it . having kids throw rocks at you while waving at you is a novel experince.
ohh well i can here a tower calling me :cry:
jash said:
why not get a small philipino boy to come in and clean it. works for me and it only costs 4p an hour :wink:
that would be the RLC officers hand book solution


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Arkady said:
We used Genolite with the old SLR - but scotchbrite is all that's needed with the SA80 - best way to clean GPMG or M2 is pay some other b****r to do it...
Don't let anyone else EVER touch your M2 ! It's one of the cuddliest items you will ever sign for !

Let that other bugger shag your wife, rape your bird, boil your first born oe even swamp your doss-bag.

But TOUCH your M2 ????


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