Weapons Effect Demonstration

Please can you helpful readers provide any information about how I can get some troops in to see the firepower demo at Warminster?

How often are they held and what is the likelyhood of getting a platoon in to see it?

Any information would be much appreciated.
If you still want to know I am about to go to sunny Warminster and can ask
Thanks Bravo Bravo and Shiney Pips for the replies.

Eventually got some tickets from a shiney arse at MOD. Took the boys, they thoroughly enjoyed it. The demo battle group put on a very professional display.

Quite a few comedy moments. When the Challenger 2 fired the first round it kicked up a big dust storm from a very dry Battlesbury Bowl. It then carried on with it's 8 round "burst".
Do these Firepower demos take place up North? It's quite a trek from Manchester to Warminster...


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