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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sapper063, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. my grandson is in the cadets, hopefully hes going to harrogate, they have been weapon training at there detachment,

    and he told me when on the range if they have a missfire they turn there head away for 5 seconds before doing an unload, you guys is this normal. thanks phil
  2. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Nope, not normal drill on a rifle.
  3. thank you, can you tell me the proper way please.
  4. any particular reason why?
  5. well if hes going in the army, i would like him to know what to do before he goes in, i thought the cadets would know the proper way; when i was in the royal engineers, we was taught cock hook and look, then unload and load drill, but things change i did it in the 1960s
    thanks ex sapper
  6. Are you sure he is not talking about the No8 rifle? I remember the IA drill for that was to count to 10 and then unload.
  7. Well in cadets we are taught to weight 5 seconds on the weapon not responding, and then check the position of the coccking handle, forward assist, try again, then pull the parts to the rear and check inside, do nsp's etc :)
  8. cheers for that noaksy, it just seems weird to wait 5 secs as the round is in a confined space and if i say if was to ie explode it would do more damage than if you had brought working parts to the rear. and you have not the luxery of waiting 5 secs if you are in a fire fight, hope someone puts me right on this, thank you
  9. Well I think the 5 secs is just in case the weapon fires, but I guess it depends on the situation, but I think at cadets our weapons training was put together with competitions/ range work in mind rather than combat :)
  10. It all depends if the cadet IA drills are the same as ours, you would think that they should be but with cadets you never know.

    Noaksey, a drill is a drill no matter where it is you are firing, we use the same drills on the range as we do in competitions and in combat, that's why they are drills.

    I'm not saying that what you've been taught is wrong but why would you have different drills on the range or for competitions for the same stoppage.
    The fact that you refer to it as a "forward assist" gets me doubting the currency of your instructors as it's been "Tap Forward" since we got the A2...I know yours isn't the L85A2 before you start.
  11. Also as all the instructors are from different regiments they all have slightly different ways of doing it, e.g. when showing our weapons clear, we just wait for the command ease springs, but in my mates unit someone has to check the instructors weapon is clear before he can give the command.
  12. I would say that if the round misfired, the 5 second wait is designed to see if it will "go bang" in which case you really want the working parts closed off. It's for cadets - safety is paramount.
  13. Makes huge amounts of sense.
  14. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    I doubt cadets would fire the amount of rounds that would make the wpn hot enough for one to cook off in the chamber.
  15. I would presume this is to give staff a definite indication that the cadet has encountered a problem, 5 seconds wait with a definite head away from the weapon. The instructor can intervene before the cadet turns round with loaded weapon asking whats up.