Weapon tiffy course

Discussion in 'REME' started by Crazy_cellar_dweller, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone tell me whether there are going to be two weapons tiffy course running each year or is it still the one?
  2. don't do it,
    Stay true to your trade!!
  3. you clearly lack ambition. do you tell your oc that you wont go tiffy cos you are staying 'true' to your trade.


    i would go tiffy because that is where the promotion lies. the REME has this default setting and often those who don't try or lack ambition tell people not to because somehow you will be better off for it.

    please tell us how?
  4. well said.
  5. Spot on. When you're 2 ranks above and 50% more in pay nobody tells you you've made a mistake. 8) 8) 8)
  6. Actually I cant go tiffy, not enough time left you see.

    but I have to say, I wouldn't, even if I could, I quite like my job, and wouldnt give it up, even for the extra 2 ranks.

    I joined to enjoy myself, when i started to dislike my job, I transfered, now I am back to loving the army.

    hate desks, hate paperwork, why would I want to be a tiffy?

    and no, I dont lack ambition, I really want to be the best at my trade that I can be, and that doesnt involve working as a VM fitter section head

    Oh and I knew at least one would bite :twisted:
  7. so, no one works for the money now, just the love of the job. you are not well placed to dish out advice about going tiffy are you.

    i'd rather stay true to the corps, which, if you transferred, is something you haven't done.

    i'd rather count my pay packet, although i must admit i do count bolt carriers on secure spares check on duty. (which also beats guard commander).
  8. At the end of the day boys, there is only one trade in REME and thats gods trade: The Metalsmith!!!

    Shove the tiffy path where the sun dont shine!!
  9. Metalsmiths 'god trade' don't you mean re-trade to gods trade ARMOURER!!
  10. Anyway pro's and con's of being a Tiffy (they don't have a spine but they earn way to much money). Anyone got the answer of how many Tiffy courses are running next year?
  11. One as per locker layout.
    They are so long tho' that two are running at one time during certain times of the year. Hence the illusion of two.
    Smoke and mirrors Maths just like Level 3A Resit Resits im told!