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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by daywalker, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Is this allowed now ??????

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  2. No - They just did it anyway because they're hard.

    Three lads stood in Afghan looking like they're about to have a teenagers night in on the megadrive with crisps and coke and you're worried about camming up a gat?

    Surely this picture needs the faces unblurring and a caption for these three legends!
  3. I would say it all depends on your units RSM or ASM.
    some think it looks ally, some think it looks gash.

    A certain inf bn banned the use of purchased parts on weapons systems, downgrips/ torch mounts, painting would have caused a coronary!
  4. IIRC, on Granby there were plenty of painted SLRs and SA80s, so it's hardly a new thing. Theres quite a famouse piccy of the Staffords on live firign north of Jubayl pretty early on in the deployment and almost all of them had sandy coloured weapons.
  5. if u want weapon paint go onto usmcpro.com our lads did for afghan.you also get the dissolver paint its good shit hope that helps
  6. Have they just been to the local sainsburys?
  7. What's wrong with blokes going shopping? Do you expect soldiers to march smartly around with their sweets in army issue bags, held in the left hand behind the back?

    By the look of them, they've probably been outside the wire for a while and are getting some junk food into them while they have a bit of down time.

    As for painting the weapons - I'm sure it was not permitted when I left, however it is probably permitted now, either that or they haven't been near the LAD for a while.
  8. Can't see a problem spraying your gat sandy.... you get white sticky to cam up your gat in the Arctic, which would otherwise be a large black shape on a white background.

    In the desert the weapon will be a large black shape on a sandy background, so why not disrupt it a bit?

    Or shall we go back to fighting in Red Coats?

    As for the big handfuls of nutty. Grow the fcuk up. It seems very vogue at the moment to take pot shots at blokes who are hot and sweaty in the sandy place for trying to keep a bit of morale going and/or in periods of down time.
  9. Im all for bringing back red jackets and white crossbelts :D

    There has been mention of enemy firing at the black NBC bands that people put on there helmets, so whats to say they wont also be trained to aim up of the black of the weapon that stands out against the desert DPM?

    Looking ally on tour is great, coming back alive to show people the pictures and seeing your family a bit more important... I say cam up your weapons all day long, the proper stuff washes of with soap and water anyway.
  10. Surely the fact that they have gone way over the top on the black cam cream will stand out more than the black NBC bands that people put on there helmets
  11. Haha quite so dear Gundolph, why anyone would choose to take any cam cream on opp tour in Afgan is beyond me. I think that must be 'Polish boot black' :roll:
  12. Ah, I thought it was the tour beard gone mad.
  13. fungus?
  14. It's not a problem as long as the person painting them isn't a complete feckin retard. There were plenty of custom jobs on H9 and a wide variety of add ons to weapons some items on trials, some personal purchases and a fair few swapsies with the Yanks. If it doesn't affect the safety and the system can be un-customed for C351s then who gives a fook!

    As for those of you that say it is simply wrong, is it because the colours don't quite go with bearskins and redcoats?
  15. Chocolate Frog, white sticky was not issued to camouflage weapons for arctic use, at least not between 1993-1995. I recall the armr Sgt from AMF raising a Damage Report when a retard stuck white sticky on the black bits, then proceeded to cut sticky with a knife. The result was fine rusty lines around a sticky mess. We spent a lot of effort removing shite from gats that shouldn't have been there.

    No, it wasn't me, I was a metalsmith then.

    I don't see a problem with spraying removable components, handguards etc. as long as some thought is put into the paint used, not much point using a paint that will embrittle or soften the components. The OEM should have a good idea of what to use, has anyone asked them yet?

    Oh, and CC_TA - get a haircut and sort those sidies :) (i bet you haven't had a haircut since I last saw you)