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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by soldier soldier, Jun 16, 2004.

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  1. If you could fuk off the SA-80.. what weapon would you most like?
  2. The truth (tip top PC answer!)

    (Oh, and a Batfink cloak, so I could have 'Wings like a shield of steel' - lighter than CBA and fashionable as well!)
  3. Oh no not this thread again? OK here goes...

    I'd like a HK53, it's compact and powerful and great for support troops like me, but it's way too expensive so...

    Maybe a HK G36, different operating system and an integral optic sight but a lot cheaper or...

    An M16 with a SUSAT (see the Canadian C2 for something similar). Yes I know all about the M16's failings, but the weapon feels "right".

    This thread will now turn into an argument between infanteers, Shit and Shovel Corps and the REME armourers. Not everyone who posts will know what they're talking about and it will be very difficult to separate opinion, fact and the party-line from each other. By the way I have used all three plus many more besides and am fully aware which hole I'm speaking from.
  4. Not sure if they do these in your size Slopes?


    I'd go for the multi purpose SPOON mk3 with the ergonomically re-designed handle, fantastic in close quarter combat when you have to dig someones heart out and doubles up as a handy impliment for troughing ones scoff.
  5. Ah, guns ? What type,well..erm...here's my tupence worth.
    Fisrtly bear in mind 'tis a whiley since I handled a weapon. I even predate the fabled SA80 and speaking as an ex oggie I have to say that ballistic doo-dahs, trajectory hoo-hahs and stopping powery bloo-blahs matter not a fig. If I had ever got around to having to shoot things I'd have been properly miffed as it meant some Infantry oiks had failed in thier mission to keep the bad people away from the brains of the outfit. No, practicallity is the name of the game here so......
    Firstly I'd keep the SLR, knew it,liked it and it looked like a proper gun, but, some 'in house' mods would have been the way forward, vis....
    I suppose it would have to have one of those boxy things for the bullets, 'case the oiks let the baddies through, but the addition of a decent bottle opener would be a start along with a built in baccy tin and a striker strip for the matches or even some kind of zippo attachment. Handy for lighting fuses too I suppose.
    The lumpy bit at the end, erm.. butt ?? well thats ok as it is but needs to be massivley strengthened for hammering nails and the removal of stiff bridging pins. It should also contain the new 'self cleaning'kit and bringing it right up to date a nice MP3 player and Sat Nav unit.
    The pistol grip and the stock would have built in hand warmers, be teflon coated to repel muck and have a proximity sensor so that if you walked away without it after having a tom on exercise it would bleep loudly.
    The slotted thing at the very end would also be modified so that if you used it to lever open the steel banding on ammo crates it would'nt affect the zeroing.
    The bayonet, in keeping with the multi tasking ability of the Corps, would be many bladed and include 'one of those things for removing the stones from horses hooves'. The cutting edges of said blades would of course be dulled, it being a well known fact that if you give a Sapper summit sharp not only will he cut himself, but, also everyone else in a 10m radius, chippies being particularly prone to this.
    A small mirror and compact to ensure the 'warryest cam looks', secure storage for yur condoms (water carrying ! what else ?) and an enlarged Suet sight that incorporated the latest flat screen technology, an internet link and mini mouse so's you can surf porn when the Zazzman thinks your 'looking to your front'.
    Just about covers it I think.

    Ubique ya bass !!!!

  7. Used it when I shot like a pudding on range days, dude. :wink:

    Ubique ya bass !!!
  8. 8O Michty, Soft Pawn, what a horrid, brutal looking thingy. Absolutely none of fine curves and quite grippable bits of the old L1A1.

    And how the feck do you slope arms with it ! :?

    Ubique ya bass !!
  9. I think it's still in the prototype stages, so they've yet to get the style designers in :)
  10. While I would not suggest they are better the yanks are worth observing. While they have M16s and M4s NOW their next infantry weapon will beeeee:

    The G36 (just with a bit of extra plastic and a new name!)
    (announced 2 years ago on the cover of their national army paper)

    Likewise they quietly replaced the M60 a few years ago withhhhhhh:

    The GPMG, they just added a bit of plastic and called it the 240B

    Therefore (while I don't see why the SA80 is necessarily a problem) it would be best to replace it with the G36 to match us with our allies
    (AND to keep HK in business).
  11. the galil the israeli rifle comes with a built in bottle opener and the bipod can also be used as a wire cutter :)
    they sacked the lot as they thought they were too heavy all carrying m4s now
    so we could probalby pick them up cheap :lol: nearly reme proof as well :lol:
  12. urm, cant they tinker and make a 5.56mm version of the SLR? and give it automatic capability? probably ruin it in the process though :(

    personally i have one of these and its ace...


    its .357 Magnum, and makes BIG holes in things. i can get a 1" grouping at 50m and at a 100m will cleft an engine in twain. Plus its dead sexy and makes a lovely noise.. Mag holds 10 rounds

  13. FN FAL with folding stock. had one recently and it was a devilishly fine weapon. Bit bouncy when on automatic but with practice you gan get it to double tap nicely. Goes straight through palm trees and the like and knocks people down. When opposition are equipped with AK it gives you a hitting advantage.
    For personal protection I like the 7.62 very short Light Sub Machine gun. One of the Majors and several of the WO2s in IMATT had them they were excellent up to 100m but had a devilish kick and a very thin folding stock much bruising. It looked the part though. I fancy he saw himself as a Columbian Drug Baron.