Weapon of Choice?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pvt.Joker, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. A rifle/shotgun etc.?

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  2. A sharp weapon (Sword, Axe etc.)

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  3. A Blunt instrument (Bat, Iron Bar etc.)

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  4. Your fists (self explanatory really)

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  5. Something comedic. (Piano, Rubber chicken, etc.)

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  1. Ok picture the scene, youve been given 24 in which your allowed to kill as many people as possible.
    (Bit random but meh *shrugs*)

    Nonwithstanding that you accept the offer (you steely eyed killers you)

    My question is: What would your weapon of choice be?

    Personally I would go for some form of blunt instrument, as if you *really* dont like them then you can carry on as long as you like. Also I like the sound when something hard hits flesh. (No i dont have issues....,well not many :wink: )

    Also If you really want to then you could say who and/or why.
  2. It has to be that large black dildo from Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrals..... 8)
  3. Maybe Dis One!

    Not sure, Maybe tools, They are funny, Knives Daggers?, Ninja weapons like Katanablades, Sais, Nunchuks, Bos?

    Two sawn off 12ga Lever Action Shotguns(As seen in T2)?

    Flamethrower? Naa! I would use a friggin Minigun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or any weapon as long as it does its job
  4. a homosexual monkey
  5. A homosexual monkey?
    Ive only heard of one recorded incident when a homosexual monkey was used in combat.
    From what I hear it alternated between having dry bum-sex with people until they died, and throwing vast quantities of shit at the advancing enemy. I hear it destroyed the enemy completely.

    Unfortunately as the victors cheered, the monkey turned on them.
    There was only one survivor and he lived only by gnawing off his arm and jamming it so securely up his rectum that the monkey was unable to pass.
    When the monkey was unable to enter, it needed to have more sex so much that it raped itself to death.

    So on the whole, I dont think this would be the best choice.
  6. A spiked thalydomide baby on a stick.
  7. I would use a 4x4 prefrably a range rover kitted out wit spiked bull bars and cat tracks :)
  8. Have to be the milan :)
  9. Would have to be my unwashed undercrackers on a long stick
  10. Instant Sunshine :twisted:
  11. That weapon on the preditors shoulder, oh and the face plate/visor thingy that can see your heart beating, yeah i'll have ten of those weapons
  12. Oh and that wrist Nuke device. thats cool and very good for riot control.
  13. A swift kick up the ass.......It kills em every time.
  14. "With two good fists you're never out of ammo..."

    (a remark aimed at me by an enraged park keeper when I was caught riding my chopper on the local bowling green.)

    (edited because of pog grammar)
  15. Be careful of monkeys, the ones from the moon are well dodgy, bum lovin, freaks!