Weapon of choice for spaz-out teacher?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JonnoJonno, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. JonnoJonno

    JonnoJonno Crow

    So, given the limited resources available to an insane nottinghamshire teacher, anyone want to hazard a guess on what he used to batter the little sod?

    I go with board-rubber
  2. Joe91

    Joe91 Swinger

    I would say a chair or maybe a metre ruler.
  3. Jack89

    Jack89 Swinger

    was a science lesson, probably one of those iron rod things with a clamp on the end to hold things over a bunsen burner.
  4. L2A1

    L2A1 Swinger

    Have been battered with a board rubber, cost a fucking fortune!
  5. 3_yorkie_vol

    3_yorkie_vol Swinger

    wasn't he a science teacher ! I think retort stand, weighty and gets a good swing
  6. 3_yorkie_vol

    3_yorkie_vol Swinger

    damn beaten to it !!
  7. JonnoJonno

    JonnoJonno Crow

    I suppose if he had the gumption to beat up a kid he might have robbed a shiv from one of the other f*ckers, possibly opening up the possibility of a good pistol whipping
  8. in a science lesson 'shudders' at your son of 'Kes' schooling, has to be a bunson burner by holding the pipe and using it as a High Velocity flail... :wink:
    a meter rule hasn't the tensile strength either joe... :p
  9. Catholic school so I would imagine a stale shit encrusted bright pink dildo.

    Either that or a rolled up copy of "fitness for boys monthly".
  10. We used to bend the metal legs off of chairs for a useful kosh.
  11. 3_yorkie_vol

    3_yorkie_vol Swinger

    twice removed
  12. saladdoger

    saladdoger Old-Salt

    A big fat copy of Charles Darwins "Natural selection" around the swede.
  13. 3_yorkie_vol

    3_yorkie_vol Swinger

    thats not an insult around here
  14. 3_yorkie_vol

    3_yorkie_vol Swinger

    theyre all pretty
  15. Hairy_Fairy

    Hairy_Fairy War Hero

    On a totally serious note, my guess is that it was the little scrotes own weapon.