Weapon mountable torch

Sorry if this is in the wrong area.

Im looking for a decent torch for urban ops that fits onto the SA80, im after something that gives good illumination and isnt really too bulky. Must have a decent price aswell. Anybody know of anything that might fit that description.

Thanks in advance


If you need a torch on your gat you'll be issued with an LLM, anything else in my opinion would just make you look chippy s ****


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Mini maglite + duct tape
I remember through my training having to tape a maglite to the handguard. It worked well then but I have no current need for a LLM and haven't been issued with one on ops. However do they get issued for routine training? I only ask because I imagine plenty of people using LLM on PDT and ops but coming back and having to take a retrograde step for a normal training year.

Edited to make it clear that this was a mini-maglite ratther than some thousand cell monster!
You used to be able to get a figure of 8 adaptor for mini maglite to barrel.
Think it was soldier of fortune that sold it????

With all these new torches on the market the issue maglite was always handy with a bit of black n nasty :? no need to buy one when you got it issued.

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