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Bit confusing this one so bear with me. I went to a live firing range last week and I was told that if you are right handed like myself then you should be closing your left eye and using your right eye to aim at the target through the scope.
The problem I have is, I cannot close my left eye without closing the right one. So I was aiming with my left eye with the right closed which wasnt ideal to say the least. I was just wondering how this will effect me during basic training (Winchester 15th Sept) Will I have to shoot left handed or is it worth seeing a Doctor/Optician to see if anything can be done to correct this?
I know theres alot of Lefts & Rights there but any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
You asked in the right place, Arrse is full of shooting guru's that will answer your question.

I'm not one of said gurus but you won't be being taught to shoot left handed, mainly because our IW is designed to be fired from the right shoulder only.

I'm infantry so not very down with iron sights (we stop using them after we get so far into training) but i believe you can aim with both eyes open whilst using them?

At some point though you will be using SUSAT, infantry or not. Which is infinately easier to use with your left eye closed.

FatBoyGeorge said:
You can't shoot an SA80 left handed, you'll end up with hot empty cases smacking you in the face and the cocking handling taking your teeth out one by one. You should be sorted out with an eye patch when you there. Apart from that, you shouldn't be such a mong.

Ahh yes I remember a lad in my Pl that had to fire with the gimp patch!
An eye patch will help you get the hang of it. Otherwise just practice shutting your left eye. Don't get caught winking at the RSM though!
Well i can close my right eye, but it is significantly weaker than my left.
Oh well , both eyes passed the eye test with good enough vision to join so i think i will be ok, i have glasses for reading, could i use them?
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