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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by DarkCloud, May 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, Im after a lot of info today so if anyone replies then thank you very much in advance

    Ive got a PJNCO cadre selection week coming up soon, and on the course timetable there is weapon handling tests for the GPMG, LMG, UGL and GRENADE. Now my problem is, I've transfered from a unit that doesnt have these weapon systems so therefore doesnt train its soldiers on the drills. For me to pass this selection I need to perform all the drills on said weapon systems in the correct way but I dont know how to use them. I tried asking my unit for some extra training but there isnt enough time for it, and I also asked the CQMS if I could sign out a pamphlet so I could at least read up on the drills but was told no (or words to that effect).

    SO my question to is, can anyone write up the weapon handling tests or give me a link to a place that has them. I know its a big ask but I will pop some quids in your favourite charity's account if you can help me

  2. If you haven't been trained on these weapons how can you be tested on them?

    Speak to your Chain of Command starting with your Plt/Troop SNCOs and inform them of your lack of knowledge of these weapons. It isn't your fault. They should jack up some traiinng for you, which should include a WHT before the course.
  3. I tried doing that, but the problem is that the course starts on Monday, and we only received our joining instructions on Thursday so there was no time to sort anything out. Ive sh*t out a bit here by not having the correct subject knowledge but I will just tell them when I get there. I will smash everything else on the course but the weapon handling tests will let me down and could possibly mean I dont actually get a place on the PJNCO cadre!
  4. Does it say on your JIs that you will RTU'd if you don't pass any of these WHTs?

    Perhaps the only mandatory one is the L85A2?
  5. How have you managed to 'transfer' in to a mob that requires these WHTs but you haven't been trained on the kit?

    Do the best you can, and make sure they know that you haven't even been trained on these weapons. They could/should take that in to consideration. If it is a training objective then you could easily do the WHTs at a later date, if not then the WHTs are not really an issue unless someone is makeing them one.

    You really can't learn the WHTs for the above in a weekend. How are you going to strip a GPMG if you've never done it before?
  6. The Royal Women's Balloon Corps seems to be haemorrhaging members at the rush these days.

    How did you manage to get onto a Juniors selection course without being able to use core weapon systems that any Private out of phase 2 in the Unit you've transferred into ,should be able to operate?
  7. It doesnt mention anything about being RTU'd, but it will mean that other students who are more confident on the weapons than me will be placed above me with regard to who actually goes on the cadre.

    Ive come from a TA unit to a regular unit on an FTRS transfer, obviously TA dont have all the kit that the regulars do so thats why I have never been trained on them. I will just try my best and explain my situation to them, hopefully they will understand and give me extra training before the cadre if I place high enough to get on it
  8. Well pitswamper, I might have been selected because I'm good in other subjects. Or do you have to be subject matter experts to progress in the army?
  9. Expertise is to be rewarded, but basic groundwork and a sound knowledge of all aspects of the job you're being promoted from should surely come first.
  10. He's explained how he managed to get in to a unit that requres such skills.

    This isn't a fault with him (competely). He has (IMHO) been let down by his CoC. First of all his skills dificiencies should have been highlighted, and then remedial action taken. ie he should have been trained on the kit. Competancy registers... not dirty words nor dark arts.

    JIs shouldn't be getting issued on Thursday for a Course starting on Monday.

    Although he should have been asking for these WHTs a while ago. How long have you been transferred Dark Cloud?
  11. I've been in my current unit for nearly six months, and due to us potentially mobilising soon the training has been more ops orientated and we havnt really had that much time in camp to practice these skills. The CoC has let all of the students on this course down by not issuing us our JI's sooner, we basically havnt had any time to prep any kit or sign out any bits of equipment we need to use. If I'd have know that these tests were on the selection course I would have been asking for them a long time ago but I didnt, although I know I should have been asking for training on them anyway, regardless of if I was on a course or not