Wealth Manager- Full Training Provided, Home Based, £50-£100k+

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Census Contracting, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Wealth Manager- Full Training Provided

    Location: London/ Home Based
    Salary: £50k- £100k +

    Full London based training will be given to the right individuals to become fully fledged Wealth Managers and Partners within one of the UK’s Leading Wealth Management practices; a FTSE 250 company with over £25bn of client funds under management.

    The ideal applicants will have discipline, sound academic ability, excellent communication skills and the ability to work within their own personal and professional networks to build up a portfolio of clients who are confident to invest in the services provided.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to be trained up in a highly rewarding and lucrative career that will also ultimately give you absolute lifestyle freedom as a self employed Wealth Manager.

    You will be paid whilst the company puts you through financial training and academic qualifications for the first 6 months of the programme. After this point you will become self employed and be shown how to make successful business for yourself with all the admin support and usual business costs (stationary etc) paid for by the company.

    This is a opportunity for individuals with entrepreneurial flair and ambition you must be willing to take risks and put in the work to be rewarded with a very interesting and very lucrative career.

    You do not need to have a financial background to be considered for this role as full training will be given.

    Please apply for full details of the role.

  2. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I'm in. PM me with full details.
  3. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Thirty odd years ago there were a lot of small insurance companies starting up. Join us make a load of money. Basically was selling insurance on commission to your extended family and friends. When you had run through them your usefulness was somewhat limited as was the income.
    This looks like a step up from that
  4. I assure you this is a genuine opportunity with a leading FTSE 250 company to become a wealth manager/partner.
    I am happy to provide more detailed information for you to make your own decision.
  5. I am bad at maths.....can I still be in?
  6. Be a self-employed Wealth Manager, fleece your family and friends? Oh well, beats visiting their homes on a pretense and stealing their wallets to pay for another wrap of smack.
  7. My Sister's odious ex-fiancee was into something like this. His own family finally decided enough eas enough when he started getting paperwork out at a relative's funeral between the burial & heading back to the house for a drink.
  8. I know someone who was made redundant and took this up as a job about 25 odd years ago. What you have described is exactly what he had to do. He was forever ringing around his friends offering to come and do a free financial check and advise on investments. He did it for me and while the results were accurate, he was advising me to get into investments through his company that I simply couldn't afford at the time.

    Another friend took him up on it and started paying for a policy that he couldn't really afford. When he decided to opt out of it a year later, the guy on the phone said to him, "you do realise this will affect the income that Ted gets don't you?" Ted being the friend who sold it to him.
  9. A Wealth Manager ........ really ........ like the types that manage pension funds?

    Why are these "Wealth Managers" then required to set up their own company/ sole trader entity to manages these funds? Does that comply with FSA guidelines?

    Do these "Wealth Managers" manage the assests? Are the assets invested by the "Wealth Managers" in asset managers like Alliance, Zurich, Mercury, Gartmore etc or through the Asset management arms of the Investment banks?

    Six months training - Wow, that is seriously a big investment - is there any requirement to repatriate this back to the core company in ANY way? Commission haircut, loan arrangement etc? The company will pay you for 6 months and expect nothing back?

    Do people get a qualification after the six months - if so, who with?

    Is the wealth managment company aligned with any asset managers?
  10. If you want more specific information about how the managment of funds works and the company and background please email me at info@censuscontracting.com

    This is a role working with one of the largest investment companies/ banks in the UK and if you wish to investigate how they operate and the programme they offer please contact me directly.
  11. This is clearly St James's Place. It is essentially a sales role, hence no experience required. They are tied to certain fund managers I think. They get paid commission for flogging you things you may or may not need.

    I know a few people who work for them, and whilst they wouldn't get any of my money, they seem to do OK.
  12. Not really for me - I don't own a pair of pointy brown rubber soled shoes and I can no longer gel my hair :)
  13. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    If its St James Place, then you could do worse.

    However nowt's guaranteed.

    Can Census Contracting treat us with some regard and let us know who the gig is with?
  14. You are indeed correct and if you want an introduction to them and help (potentially) getting on the programme send me an email with your CV.


    Remember all applicaints at the very least will be considered.
  15. If it is St James's Place, then they lend you the cash to study for the FPC, CII Diploma and CEMAP at a reasonable rate - they claw back enough later to make up for it.

    I wouldn't invest with them personally, not least because they aggressively product push, fees are relatively high ( thanks to some clever footwork they will effectively keep trail post-RDR ) and many of their funds underperform their peers. But all of those are true of Barclays Wealth and their like, and to be honest few investment houses have much to boast about at the moment.

    They aren't a dodgy outfit, although tbh the bar is pretty low in much of the IFA / Bancassurance world. They may not offer the best investments but retail clients could do a lot worse, especially as the main problem UK Plc will face over the next couple of decades is not enough personal saving / investment at all, whatever the quality. Its not hard to find to find an industry pundit who believes that fee-based work required by RDR means the end of personalised investment for all except the very wealthy.

    I know a couple of ex-forces guys who work for them. I'd say they're pretty smart, don't wear rubber shoes and aren't shysters - but I wouldn't be suprised if some fitted that description. One or two non-forces guys I've met certainly would pull you to one side at a stag do or funeral to talk about the delights of investment bonds... but in contrast to the former group, they're certainly pulling in a lot more cash.

    Id say it would be bloody hard work, and I'd be surprised if you were doing more than keeping your head above water for the first couple of years. But SJP as a whole are very successful ( ISTR they aim to achieve >5% growth in AUM annually, and do ) and perhaps they'll benefit from the effects over RDR.

    Anyone applying should do so with an open mind but remember - they are selling the idea to you, not offering to employ you. There's very little risk on their side of the desk, so caveat empor.

    ( If its not SJP it might be Welbeck Group or the like, who I imagine run on similar lines. )