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Did anyone see Weakest Link tonight (19-02-07). The bird on there who won it had massive tits - could have got a good tit w@nk from her.

Isn't Ann Robinson great with her comments - she don't give a sh!te eh.

BT. :thumright: :thumright:


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Didn't catch it. IMO Ann needs to get some new writers for her quips they have been getting a little weak of late. Can the NAAFI help her out and come up with some serious abuse for her to deliver, in the order of who's the mutts and who's just nuts format?


Saw it and yes they were huge but looked like they would hit her knees if she took her bra off lol!!
How about she presents it starkers but with all four limbs in plaster casts. When they get a question wrong she can rub her minge on there knees???


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Yeah, she looked like a right filth bag, bloody lovely tho.


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