Weakening leg pain

Im getting a weakening pain in my right leg when I swing it back & forth. I cannot do any speed on it, so im reduced to a slow plod.

When I start to jog, it takes me a few strides for that weakening pain to go, and even then it is still not comfortable.

Its not a very hurtfull pain, but more of a weakening pain. getting up the stairs can be a pain too.

Pain seems inside the very top of my right leg.

Before my holiday I was running fine, after, this pain.

Any experience of this?
you have just been holiday, did you fly anywhere? the reason i ask is i have just endured a DVT. measure your legs (diameter round) if it is more than the other one it could be a DVT seek medical advice sooner rather than later!
Dead leg sums it up perfect. It became unbearable during a 6 miler on friday but I carried on, then done 3 mile this morning. Ive probably made it worse. It says RICE is the way, but how long should I stay off running for?

flynavy...Skegness was about as far as I got this year.
Do remember, pain is a warning that something is wrong. You'll need to find out what the problem is before you can work out the best way to manage it.

Please don't rely on advice or diagnosis on here, which is often offered by folks with no medical training. Make an appointment to see someone with proper medical qualifications.

If you are in the military, get yourself to the medical centre for advice.


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