Weak Wrist

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mcclurg, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. Somehow ages ago, I managed to injure my left wrist (I know what you dirty bastards are thinking, and it's not :p), and ever since, it's been quite weak.

    I wear a support when weightlifting, and the like, but I find it gets quite sore when doing pressups. It's not unbearable, but it can get pretty uncomfortable at times. It may be athritis, I'm not entirely sure, but any ideas on what I could do to help it, or build it's strength?

    I was considering starting wearing a copper bracelet, any advice?

  2. w ank like a demon with your left hand, will get pretty strong really soon
  3. Its working for me - even as we speak (figuratively).
  4. Yeah. Go for a silver one. It matches more things than copper does.

    A copper bracelet isnt going to do shit. You might as well go have holistic crystal reiki for all the good it will do.

    See a physiotherapist.

  5. I injured my wrist a while ago and a copper band did not help, so I stopped wearing it. The doctor told me that the wrist has such a poor blood supply that any damage takes ages to heal. Keeping it warm and supported appears to be the best way forward. I wore a leather cuff for a while, courtesy of the Med Centre.

    I can still achieve my BPFA target but it hurts like hell, particularly if it is cold. I have changed from flat handed to balancing on my fist but I had to practise hard, first on foam and then on a carpet!

  6. Yeah, when it's cold, it f**ks me up! I did the BPFA on a freezing November day, and everyone else was going for a quick break, so I thought I would too (after a quick 30 pushups), and my wrist just froze up, and could only push out like 8 or 9 more in the final minute and a half :\

    it was disheartening to say the least.

    Enlighten me on this fist technique =P
  7. Apparently the science behind magnetic bands(rather than copper) is sound - the haemoglobin carries more oxygen in the blood than non-magnetised haemoglobin (iron being a major constituent) which helps speed recovery. I read about this in a medical jourmnal.
    May not however be relevant for your injury and I never have ttried one but I am about to give it a shot as soon as I remember, as Ive just had reconstructive surgery on my wrist, and its really nipping right now.
    But I am getting good with my left :!:
  8. Form a fist and balance on that. Keep the wrist absolutely straight.

    There is a school of thought which maintains that the PTIs don't like press-ups undertaken in such a manner - with a fist. As my PTI is usually so shocked that I am still breathing, let alone in front of him for my BPFA, I usually get away with it!

  9. Yeah... I've read the science! :D ...and it didn't work for me.

    Keep the wrist warm with neoprene gloves and support it if undertaking anything strenuous.

  10. Would I really get away with Neoprene gloves on my BPFA though? & I shall look into this magnetic band thing..

    Cheers for the replies fellas
  11. You can buy support gloves with built in weights designed to strengthen your wrists when running and weightlifting etc. I don't know if they're any good, but it might be worth looking into.

    I bought my mum a magnetic braclet for her birthday and she says it's helped alot, however some people have complained of dizziness and nausia and the occasional blackouts from them, so they're not for everyone.
  12. Might be a fad and not sure how effective they are but Trion z bands are worn by most pro golfers and Tennis players.

    Trion Z
  13. sounds like a pile of hippy poo to me.
  14. get yourself a powerball (http://www.nsdpowerball.com/) - works brilliantly to strengthen your wrist and whole arm.
    Its recommended for rehabilitation on injuries etc etc.

    I broke my arm and wrist a while back, and was told to get one of these - worked very well.
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