Weak upper leg muscles

Hi guys,

I’m looking for some advice on my thigh muscles – the muscles above the knee (not the quads) get tired very quickly when I am doing deep squats, or resting my body weight on a bent knee (i.e. when I am stretching my hamstring). I don’t feel it when running, swimming or anything else.

Has anyone any advice on this? I’m hoping for May 11 RMAS and I want to address it before that as I know strong legs are vital! The obvious answer is more leg work but a mate suggested it might be overdeveloped quads relative to rest of my legs, which he says is quite common

Cheers folks!

The muscles above your knee ARE your quads! Aren't they??


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the muscles above the knee (not the quads) get tired very quickly
I'm not sure as to exactly what you mean here as the muscles above the knee (anterior) are the quads, be aware though that the 'quads' is a four headed muscle (hence the name) and that it may be a specific head causing you a problem.

The suggestion of overdeveloped quads seem likely and from personal experience I can suggest one of the best exercises to balance out strength across the legs are lunges . For anything more in depth though your going to have to go and see a physio to tell you really what the problem is. Remeber it's a lot easier to sort these problems out now before they develop into something major.

Hope this helps
Could it simply be that you have poor endurance? You said you were tired, didn't mention any kind of pain or 'mild discomfort'!

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