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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Zenno, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys, I'm going to be joining up soon. I have pretty weak eyes. I can only see third line up on the chart at the opticions. However, my vision cannot be corrected any better. They tried putting lenses in but I could not see any better.

    I'm ok for driving and can see most things pretty well, but i can't see the bottom 2 lines with either eye. Is this acceptable for the army?

    Thanks in advance. I've tried searching for info but can't find anything that says exactly what the standards are.
  2. You should be fine, Zenno. Just make sure you get the correct length when they issue you with your white stick. :D :D :D

  3. lol @ the white stick. I'll just carry on through selection and if I fail then I fail I guess. Spose there's nothing I can do really.

    The recruiting sergeant just said, wait til you see the optician.
  4. Its all medical in confidence regarding the opticians aswell. Dont know what stage of your application your at but once you get your RG8 Health questionairre you'll get your opticians form. Get it filled out with prescription then recruiter will forward it to ADSC(selection medic). If they ok it at that stage and you get to selection you will do your eye test there and they will say if your eligable for what CEG (job).
    Speak to your recruiter he should explain all this to you.

  5. Why ? Has she got big jugs ?
  6. Cheers. I'm joining The Rifles hopefully. My prescription meets the standards, it's just that my eyes can't be corrected with glasses or contacts to achieve 20/20. As such I'm stuck with 30/20 vison. It's not been a problem in life for me but with joining the army they may want me to have perfect eyesight. I know people wear glasses in the army whose uncorrected vision is worse than my vision. But I assume them people can achieve 20/20 when they have their glasses on?

    Thanks for the input.
  7. Deleted by poster.
  8. Cheers for warning only gave him info any recruiter would tell him but im aware now
  9. Maybe keeping his options open, eh?
  10. I posted it twice to increase my chances of getting useful info. I'm not planning on joining the Marines really, just wanted to see if anyone knew anything on there (which they clearly don't).

    But all is good. I'm not trolling anyone or anything.