Weak Commanding Officers or fond reminiscing of whorehouses in Portsmouth

I am a Captain serving in an Infantry Regiment. I am currently employed as a rifle coy 2i/c and i can say that i have never seen such a shambles in my entire life. *Part of the problem the Infantry faces today is that of weak command. *Our CO is a complete buffoon, how this man has risen through the ranks is beyond me, i would make a fine CO - much better than him, all he thinks about is his own career. *He pretends to care for the soldiers under his command but uses them simply for his own gain. *He does not know how to get the best out of his troops. *He is weak and spineless, letting them walk all over him and ridicule the chain of command. *He is surrounded by toadies who pander to his every whim and do not have the balls to stand up and act like real officers. *It drives me mad to think of the way they are ruining the Regiment. *The soldiers see right through the charade, at least they respect and fear me, instead of laughing at some of my fellow officers. *I pity the future of the Army.
If you are so good, how come you are not still a Major?
This must be a windup. So why were you reduced from Major to Captain, or was the Majority not a substantive rank?

They may laugh at him behind his back, they may think him a buffoon, but what of the Officers (middle management) are they capable of doing the job?

There is a bit of bitter and twisted coming out in this post, so what have you done to regain your Majority?

Weak command is one thing, "Laid Back" attitude is another.

Our company boss has a laid back attitude, but there isn't one guy in the unit, who wouldn't be prepared to follow him into action, because we know what he's like on the ground.

Don't confuse laid-back with weak and ineffectual. If he really was that crap, his assesments and confidentials would have crucified him before this, especially in an operational environment.

Failing that, why not transfer to another Battalion?


I personally don't have respect for officers that I fear.
I would much rather have an officer that listens to your views.

Being in the TA though, if there is someone who makes your life hell through fear etc, you can just tell 'em to shove it!
I make a point of making my CO go weak at the knees.... :-*


tee hee ;D

My CO's a bit too old and grey for me to want to make him weak at the knees.


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Any chance at making me go weak at the knees, ladies?


I think grey hair can look very distinguished on a man, I also find baldies appealing (total baldies that is, not Friar Tuck versions!)

The only hair colour I wouldn't/couldn't go for and this is being extremely shallow of me - is a

I saw my OC once on a Sunday morning in a gopping tracksuit and his hair all stuck up, he was in a phone box stuffing coins into it and shouting wildly at someone, wierdo.

My thumbs up gesture as I walked past didnt help as a week before he'd bounced me and 2 others for being caught slinging plant pots round the town centre.


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Nothing like seeing a senior officer in a compromising position.

I once bumped into my DO (Navy talk for OC) in the waiting room at a skanking Plymouth massage parlour. He was absolutely bladdered, by himself and very confused. Being a good lad, I decided to leave him to it and watched with delight as he was led away for a tug, by the fattest, ugliest Plymothian scutter I have ever encountered.

Funnily enough, he was always very accommodating after that and let me get away with a few minor indiscretions of my own.