We wont surrender, were from Berwick upon Tweed

Completely random I know.
The other day I was watching an old episode of QI, a quiz show presented by Stephen Fry full of stupid and random facts.
Apparently when Britain was at war with Russia in 1856, or round about, the declaration of war was signed something daft like 'the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland the Scottish Ilses and the people of Berwick upon Tweed'.
This is because back then it was not decided which country Berwick upon Tweed lay in.
Anywho when the war ended and the peace treaty was signed whoever wrote it up decided to leave Berwick upon Tweed off it.
In affect then Berwick upon Tweed remained at a state of war with Russia until 1966 when the lord mayor had to write an apology to Russia.
Imagine being the lord mayor of Berwick upo Tweed at the height of the cold war realising your constituents had been at war with Russia for a hundred years and the war suddenly went hot?

Comrade Gratzky: Which area should we diztroy firzt Komrade?

Comrade other russian sounding name: Zose dam infidels from Berwick, at lazt we shall have vengeance!

How the hell would you apologise for that one?

Dear Russian People,


Sincerely the Mayor of Berwick upon Tweed :oops:

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