We wont support the war says M&S

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plastic Yank, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. Could not find the link (The Sunday Torygraph!), but basically, Marks & Spencers were contacted by the Royal Irish to see if they would send some hampers, etc to Basra for the boys at Christmas. The official response was:

    "... my supervisor, who said we couldn't send anything out as it would look like we would be supporting the war in Iraq. To my understanding, we can't be seen to be supporting the Labour government's war".

    I'm sorry! How about supporting our Troops then!

    Is it time for another Arrse Boycott?

    views, comments, rude remarks?
  2. There is some irony that the only store that provided anything is run by a Muslim, who isn't exactly the biggest supporter of the British Government.

    And the "Teddy Bear" I understand, is actually a Steiff Bear , so well worth a raffle prize.

    Whoa Mohammed :D
  3. I'm not supprised. M&S are shite.
  4. A case of some jumped up supervisor who thinks they speak for the entire company!!

    "cannot be seen to support the governments war" LOL that is so laughable, is that on their next advertising campaign.

    Someone is in a for P45 by the looks of it!
  5. But M+S are more than happy to sell clothes made in sweatshops. Yes, we [M+S] don't give a sh1t about the troops but we'll happily support and encourage the exploitation of 10 - 14 year olds in Eastern Europe. After all, the fat office women need their cheaply made but expensive trouser suits from Per-Una.

    (heading for seroxat now)

    Pretentious shop for pretentious people anyway, hope they f*cking well get bought out by Phillip Green. Cnuts.

    ( ahh, seroxat, sweet calmness is descending:) )

  6. It's not just a snub, it's a filthy, cowardly snub of men and women risking their lives in a sh*t hole of a country over Christmas by a bunch of civvie w*nkers who'd crap themselves if a car backfired. Brought to you by M&S
  7. Well i for one will no longer support there share holders by buying their over priced shi.te food bunch of c.unts the lot of them.
  8. Definitley should be a boycott of M&S! Arrseholes...
  9. Before everyone gets to aeriated , it was an employee of M+S , not the board. I'm sure if they were phoned , they'd do something for the guys.
  10. Call them up then lets find out
  11. Or you could just e-mail Stuart Rose's PA? ;)

    If you want to write a proper non-sweary email expressing disquiet about this allegation , and you want to make sure it reaches the top , send me a PM, rather than I put it up here so spambots and M+S can see where it originated....

    Not sure if the email addy is still current, it's all of 3 months old. :D
  12. this is the crux of serving soldiers nause ...it is important to highlight the differance in not supporting the war ( i didnt ) and not supporting the troops ( i do ..obviously) .. i dont reallly believe paapers ..wait for the official statement from M&S
  13. I now refuse to buy my granny her under garments from there now, she will have to make do with an Ann summers number :twisted:
  14. Ah well, if it's for your incontinent granny, rubber undergarments are the way forward... :twisted: :lol:

    As for the topic, I expect interviews without coffee are being conducted and P.A. / Corporate Comms policy reminders are hurriedly being sent out to the staff. Not good press for M&S.