We wont spill our blood or fill graves, loyalists say

A GROUP linked to loyalist paramilitaries last night distanced itself from Ian Paisley's statement that he would never share power with Sinn Fein.

They also told him bluntly that loyalists had no intention of "spilling their blood, filling graves or prisons" for another 35 years. "If there is blood to be spilled, then let Dr Paisley spill his own blood because it will not be our bodies he is climbing over," said David Nichol, spokesman for the Ulster Political Research Group (UPRG).

A four-man delegation from the group, which provides political analysis to the UDA, met Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern for an hour at Government Buildings last night. The Taoiseach described the meeting as "positive and focused" and said he welcomed the group's efforts "to bring about genuine transformation in loyalism".

Mr Nichol described Dr Paisley's statement on Sinn Fein as "much ado about nothing" and said it was made "in the context of an Orange field where he was talking to Orangemen".

"This is the same rhetoric we have heard as loyalists for the past 35 years," said Mr Nichol. He said loyalism was not going to "fill the graves or fill prisons" for the next 35 years on anyone's behalf. The Taoiseach said the two governments' purpose was to protect the benefits of the Good Friday Agreement and that "loyalism has nothing to fear from this". Mr Nichol said the focus of their discussions was to find "another way forward" after the November 24 deadline imposed by the two governments for restoration of the institutions.

"We got our assurances that there would be no imposition of 'Anglo-Irish Mark 11' and that Plan A still stands as the only way forward," said Mr Nichol. He said they had told Mr Ahern they would work with their loyalist constituency to "keep the calm, to persuade people there is no sellout plan, there is no betrayal and no imposition of any further agreement".

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said yesterday that dialogue and agreement were the only way to resolve the outstanding issues over contentious Orange parades. He said his party had been in contact with some representatives of unionism and Protestant churchmen to ensure such an outcome. But he said the DUP had played "no positive role" in any of the efforts to keep the peace. "SF stand ready to meet with the representatives of the marching orders."

All I can say is it's about time
I did notice Mr Paisley seemingly speaking for others at that Orange Parade, Portrush If im not mistaken?
Dr Paisley doesnt really choose his words right :eek:
especially in this media driven age :eek:

However I, most of my family and all of our neighbours are totally dissolutioned by the whole
process. We new somethings had to change, we agreed to that. But we didnt mean for so many
concessions, and so many cross border 'institutions' that we have no idea what they do and
have no control over.
But before this thread becomes another anti unionist bashing you's have to realise that our assembly
was brought down an number of times not by unionists but by the IRA refusing to stick by their part of the deal.
This effectivelly means we have no say in how we run our affairs untill Sinn Fein says so, which is hardly
democratic and dare I say lawful.
Hain the prick brought the media round to show that he was serious with his new deadline, brought all the parties
together to thresh out a new example of an agreement recently. Within a few weeks of talks, he dissolve the meetings
for summer and forbid the parties from continuing these meetings. Hardly what you call serious.
As for Davey Nicholl, met him a few years back, let me tell you from what I heard he virtually was a Republican :eek:
he talked of independence, and along with an IRA man were agreeing on how each other were ill treated, their peoples
discriminated against and how Her Majesties Forces were a waste of time :eek:
The only positive thing I can recollect was that he was a Royalist :eek:
Paisley's speech was to the Independent Orange Order, which was formed in 1903 by members of the Orange Order who were expelled for voicing opposition to the links with the Unionist Party. TBH I have never liked Paisley, as my late dad said many a time " he's doing his Grand old Duke of York routine again ".

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