We won the war in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Its Official CDS says so.
    Thank goodness for that, now lets all get back for tea and medals!!

    What HERRICK deployment??
  2. Where and when did he say this?...linky thing?
  3. Thank goodness for that, I don't need to do the summer tour next year then, Hooray!
  4. ITV News at 10 last night...

    And Dingerr's young lass gave a good account of herself as well.
  5. I thought we did win the war?

    It' just the peace that seems to be causing issues.
  6. I think that it is quite despicable for The Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir David Richards to claim any sort of victory in Afghanistan.

    This is because the hundreds of British service people who have sadly been killed in Afganistan, together with the thousands who have been physically and mentally scared for life, are the equivalent of several major terrorist attacks on UK soil, so where is the victory in that :?

    General Sir David Richards knows full well that this is a Unwinnable War in Afghanistan, yet he is fully prepared to lie and mislead the nation into thinking of some sort of pathetic claim of victory.

    General Sir David Richards also know's full well that he Can NOT tell the nation of the true picture of the situation in his capacity of Chief of Defence ........ This is because he would be instantaneously sacked if he did!

    A case of delusion and self presivation if ever i saw one :nod:
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  7. In what basis did we even win the war?

    Wasn't it the Northern Alliance that ousted the Taliban from semi-national governance. Our effort was rather a minor affair chasing al-Quaida ghosts in support of the Yanks and some tanking support, wasn't it?
  8. Air Filter,

    I am sure CDS will mention his true feeling when he retires and publishes his book; as like many senior military officers who like to criticise in retirement. The war was not won as the enermy have not been defeated, 10 years on and Kabul is still prone to attack, the Afghan government would fall pretty quickly if it was not for Western money and Soldiers.
  9. If we have 'won', what does that make the score in these Afghan Wars? Is it GB 3 - Afghans 2 or what?

    I reckon CDS should just stick to 'fighting' and let Cameron 'do the talking'.
  10. Since I am pretty sure I dont remember anyone declaring war on Afganistan in the first place, I fail to see how we can "win the war".
  11. Britain's streets became much safer post Oct 2001.

    There has been no rise of home grown muslamic fundamentalists and there was definitely no 7/7.

    These events are not linked to the invasion, sorry, liberation of GIROA
  12. I was meaning we in an allied sense... i.e. the Northern Alliance backed by the West (primarily the US) won in 2001.

    Much like Iraq, the initial combat was won pretty decisively, it's just the aftermath that seems to cause problems.
  13. Just like WW1, great victory of military might. Then all sorts of politicians, dictators and despots rather mucked up the peace. We are very good at winning wars and losing the peace.
  14. Of course we won, we had an outstanding victory and defeated the Taliban decisively in the field.

    And then after all that they came back and started fighting again. The dumb fcuks.
  15. Me neither! Will I still get my tour bonus though? I was looking forward to that