We Will Remember Them....

So today i had the great mispleasure of helping ms Chegwinette to choose a poem for her 'special needs' group to read at their local church 'membrance parade on Nov 09 and i've got to say that i truly am moved by the words i read, she did not understand and explained that she could never feel that way about someone she worked with and didn't really know however also found it a little wrong that we have but two days a year to reflect gratefully (unless the 11th falls on a sunday then it's only one).

So i'm gonna push the boat out a little and say a much overdue thank you to every single service man or woman that has laid their life down in this good forsaken green uniform of woe and to their families for their ultimate sacrifice.

Coming from a family in which i am the only uniform wearing person i sadly have not had great stories passed to me sat upon a grandfathers knee and hope that one day my grandchildren would look at the crazy balding old bloke with the same kind of excitement i believe i missed out on!!

So here is a small thread for every person out there to really thank anyone they believe they truly owe something to and wish them everlasting peace whatever distant field that may be in...

In memory of the men of Littleport who died in The Great War 1914-1918

forever in your debt

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