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unday, January 01, 2006
Conspiracy theorists.
I really hate them. Here's an example of someone twisting my original account to claim that there were no bombs, but instead a 'power surge' on 7th July.

They claim 7/7 was a 'black ops' by the Government. They make up drivel about 7th July and anything else that makes them feel that they are Neo-like truth seekers in the Matrix of lies that we poor dupes and saps believe. They post rubbish on boards and enjoy themselves making up exciting theories and chasing after irrelevant details in a trainspotter-ish way. Only they know the truth, the rest of us are idiots. Even if we were on the train when it blew up, we are to be pitied or mstrusted. When challenged by me, futilely, they even claim, some of them that I am manipulating the media for a government agenda or some such nonsense. It really is enough to drive you mad. As mad as them.

One of the reasons I would like an enquiry into 7th July and the aftermath is to shut up these fantasists. I shouldn't even bother to engage with them. It does me no good at all, it makes me furious and tearful. But to be accused of lying, to have my words twisted, and then to be insulted and smeared and told that I, not they, dishonour the dead by not refusing to pander to their delusions and supporting their 'enquiries' - laughably, they claim that they are 'independent' - and 'concerned only with the truth' - sickens me, and I denounce it.

The truth - that young men hated so much that they wanted to kill themselves and others - is shocking enough. I can deal with it, hard though it is. Why the hell can't the conspiracy theorists deal with it too? What is wrong with them?
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