We werent told by anyone not to go on the ice.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_bloke, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    On the one hand the safety nazis should all sod off and stop being so pathetic. On the other hand this couple are wearing those stupid hats with the ear pieces hanging down so should be strung up immediately.

    Oh, and anyone reading the mail should be shot
  2. When we were kids we did everything from walking on ice to blowing tree stumps up using ANFO mixes of our own concoction. All of us, bar one who was killed in NI, are still here and largely in one piece. Why? Because we understood the concept of risk and the need to apply a little common sense!
  3. well, that would have been evolution in action.

    It's not everyone elses job to keep you 100% safe 100% of the time. You safety is YOUR resposibility.
  4. This is similar to the boy who died when his beach tunnel collapsed on him. The conclusion then was that there should have been a sign up to warn of the dangers of tunneling under the sand.

    In this case I ask was there a sign up warning of the dangers of walking on the ice ? - if there wasn't I would say in the event of tragedy the council is at fault and should be sued.
  5. Hey, those guys are really crazy man.
  6. Put warning signs up ??!!! WTF

    Stop interfering with Darwinism.

    Look where it has got us so far? Let the terminally stupid sink or swim literally in this case.
  7. Its their lives and responsibility - let them crack on
  8. I walked across a frozen dew pond yesterday didn't today as it was melting unless your a complete mong you can tell the difference between thick ice that can bear your weight and thin ice that won't.

    If we wait for permission we'd never do anything
  9. Isn't part of being a parent weighing up risks for your kids and teaching them about life. If we avoided any activity that carried risk then life would be pretty dull and given the fact he tested the ice first, the risk of them falling through the ice and being killed or seriously injured were probably less than getting into a car and driving on a motorway.

    I don't see what the problem is, let them crack on.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    "Too often health and safety is used as a reason for inaction, rather than doing things sensibly. "

    Well said.

  11. Life as a whole is a risk, and if we didnt take them we would have died out because we wouldnt have ever ventured from our caves. What annoys me about this is the Judgemental attitude of the paper. The ice was perfectly safe, the water is about a foot deep, and 2 parents were accompanying the child. What would the Mail rather happened? At least the kid is out getting fresh air and enjoying some fun with his/her parents.

    Incidentally the Dutch have been out skating across all the canals in Holland this week, and had a thoroughly good time. They have a race which goes through 11 cities (approximately 120Km) and conduct it only when there is sufficient ice to carry the race and the spectators safely. They were building up to it this week.
  12. I put ice in my Gin and tonic last night................................................. does that count as dangerous?
  13. You are clearly a binge drinker.


    Ban sale of cheap alcohol
    Put taxes up
    Limit opening hours
    No more "happy hours"
    More education of the dangers for kids in schools
    Make up arbitary and incorrect safe drinking limits
    Increase legal age to 21

    Nanny state - where ?