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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Quinn, Oct 27, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone have photo of Sam Elliott playing CSM Plumley in "we were soldiers."

    I've obviously googled the above, but have had no joy.
  2. Again - thanks! But can't seem to access it.
  3. Yes - I was flicking through Freeview Channels again as one does, and I came accross the film "We Were Soldiers".

    I have read the book by the author, and seen the film with Mel Gibson as the colonel and Sam Elliott as the unit Serjeant Major. I found it a very interesting film. My point is did the Americans actually remove all dead and wounded after a battle or firefight ended, or was this just propganda?
  4. Wounded would be priority, whereas the fallen must have uplifted once area secure.
    Imagine the outcry if the fallen were left insitu
  5. Schaden

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    Catch him in Gettysburg

  6. Schaden

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    Everyone does that...

  7. The battle of La Drang/LZ XRay featured in the film was just the first engagement of a large and costly operation. The US had "won" the engagement by using massive supporting firepower and thus secured that battlefield - they were able to clear it of casualties and salvage without further interference from the NVA.

    However, two of the battalions subsequently extracted by marching to another location, LZ Albany. Unfortunately, for some reason the US marched in column through an area already proven to be occupied by significant NVA forces. Consequently, they were ambushed in detail and suffered very heavy casualties (155 KIA and 124 WIA). They eventually won this battle by using heavy reinforcements, and thus were able to eventually recover most of the KIA/WIA from there as well.
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  8. I googled "We were soldiers" then selected images and there are a number of photo's.
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  9. I suspect, that as the OP requested those images over 5 years ago, he is probably now sorted, has given up looking or has been buried.
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  10. Sarastro

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    He asked five years ago @robroy, so might be a bit late now.

    Ref whether anything in the film actually happened as the film shows, while We Were Soldiers is a good watch that makes all us serving types feel great about ourselves, it's about as historically accurate as a Leni Reifenstahl film.* The book is better, clearly meant to be more about experiences and emotions than facts.

    *e.g. for anyone who slept through Sandhurst, the correct tactical answer to "the enemy hugely outnumber us and are massing along our frontage for an attack" is not "issue the remaining ammunition and charge their prepared machine gun positions front on hoping they are so shocked by our raw manliness that they don't fire at us for the first 100m"
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  11. Bollocks, "Note to self" Read the date eejit.
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  12. I'm still a bit worried about why he wanted a photo of Sam Elliott?
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  13. How did the war go?