we were so poor when i was a kid....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by doonhamer, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. we were so poor when i was a kid my dad used to have to wank off the dog to feed the cat!

    beat that!
  2. At least your family could afford pets. One Christmas, I received an empty cardboard box.

    It was an Action Man Deserter.
  3. Cardboard box, you lucky lucky bastard, I used to dream about getting an empty cardboard box.
  4. The folks up the road had a cardboard box, we used to watch the family up the street climb into theirs ....
  5. Pah, I wasn't allowed to watch the family up the street on account of licking the street clean for 1 penny an hour with a 2 penny an hour licence...
  6. You used to watch them.... lucky cnut... We had to sell our eyes to medical science to be able to stay on the street.
  7. Aye, I remember the scrabbling of fingernails on the windows when granddad used to bring out the week old copy of the Daily Mirror .....
  8. I heard a guy was so poor his family used to put hot towels on their stomachs to fight their hunger
  9. shouldn't this thread be called the four yorkshiremen!?

    aye when i were a lad!
  10. Four Yorkshiremen, when I were a lad you were lucky if you got three Lancastrians and a Welshman. The youth of today blah blah....
  11. We were so poor the trauma meant we never finshed our
  12. When I was a lad I was so poor I couldn't even pay attention!
  13. Pay for attention, you rich bastards, I had to sell my unborn children to the devil to get attention.
  14. We were so poor we could only afford dial-up t'interweb. Beat that 4 yorkshiremen walts!
  15. We were so poor my parents couldn't afford to buy me clothes. I was so happy when I was 16 when they had saved up enough money to buy me a cap so I could look out of the window.