We were all in tears. It was like losing three brothers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. Troops in Afghanistan: 'We were all in tears. It was like losing three brothers’
    The platoon's lead section had stopped in an alleyway between two compounds when an Afghan man appeared from a side door and approached the troops.

    By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent
    Last Updated: 10:16PM BST 02 Aug 2008

    He smiled and, walking slowly, offered the soldiers the traditional greeting by placing his right hand over his heart while whispering the word, “Salaam”.

    Pte Dan Gamble, 22, the platoon’s Pashto speaker, and Pte Nathan Cuthbertson, 19, moved forward to question the young stranger.

    Pte Dave Murray, also 19, watched close by as his friends walked ahead. Seconds later all three had suffered catastrophic injuries.

    “I heard a massive blast,” said Lieut David True, 4 platoon’s commander “Someone immediately said 'RPG’ [rocket-propelled grenade], but I thought, 'No, it’s a mine.’”

    As Lieut True, 24, who has been in the Army for four years, rushed forward to the area of the blast, he heard cries of “medic, medic”. Before him was a scene of carnage.
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  2. Really good article, and proof that in spite of the loss of the outstanding and promising young guys in that particular incident, they left behind some equally outstanding 2 Para comrades holding firm, and ready to payback with interest. They have my utmost respect.
  3. Looking at the ages of the men involved, I can say dont believe all you read about Britains youth of today being a waste of space, these blokes are true heroes in every sense, my thoughts go out to all of our troops out in our ongoing ops, brought a tear to my eye reading that article, haste ye back lads.
  4. A very moving account, well written.

    It makes me very proud of these young lads.

  5. That really is a top piece of writing. Accounts like this in my opinion, bring home some of what we members of Joe Public (be we "ex" or "non ex") don't always hear about. The ways in which young courageous lion-hearted men and women do the bidding of their political masters without fuss and pay the ultimate price is truly humbling. Thnks for posting it.
  6. It's reading accounts like this that make me hate the chavs and youth scum even more. These guys go to show that anyone can get their act together and make a difference. RIP
  7. These lads can look the older veterans in the eye on ABF weekend.

    Respect and deepest sympathy to the new generation of brave young men.
  8. Its weird.

    Reading things like that upsets me but in someways makes me miss life in the Green kit. I don't envy what the lads are doing every day and some would say I've done my bit and enoughs enough, but I can't help feeling like an idle B@stard when I read that. Stay on task lads, remember your 5 & 20's and come home safe.

    Ex L/CPL Closet_Jibber - Sat in a warm house being reminded life isn't so bad!
  9. Very moving, and a piece with no agenda other than to 'tell how it is'.
  10. I'm sat at work and I couldn't read that without choking up. If only the rest of the country had that sense of community and selflessness. If nothing else, these men have experienced life in more exquisite detail than most of us ever will/have.

  11. Next time someone tells you that the young of this country are not worth a penny then tell them about these brave lads!

    This is one of the reasons why Our Armed Forces are known as the bast in the world.